Can I flash upgrade a Go!Control using a upgrade cable?

The Go!Control aka GC2 can be flash upgraded in one of two ways: OTA (see details below) or locally using a cable. For local updates it will require the 2GIG UPCBL2 cable or UPDV updater tool. The UPCBL2 requires a PC running Windows XP or later. The UPDV simply plugs into the panel!

UPDV - Firmware Updater Tool

UPCBL2 - Proprietary Firmware Update Cable

The OTA (over the air) method will require cellular monitoring service with a backend provider like If your panel already has an active cellular radio like the LTEV-A-GC2 ( Verizon LTE), GCCDMV-A ( Verizon CDMA) or GC3GA-A ( AT&T 3G), you can reach out to your dealer and inquire about OTA method. Please note that this may incur separate charges and depending on signal may take several hours.

Keep in mind, that the radios linked above require firmware version 1.9.4 (Verizon) and 1.9.6 (AT&T) respectively. If your panel does not meet these standards then you have no choice but to use the local method. However the main reason why most GC owners choose to upgrade the firmware using the cable is the speed that it offers. A firmware update via cellular may take several hours. Whereas the local cable will push the update in a matter of minutes. Also some dealers charge for OTA updates.

For those interested in the UPDV we offer a loaner option. Upon return of the device we will credit you the large majority of the cost. The loaner fee will be specified in the product description.

Flash Update: Step by step process!

1. Download the latest firmware. Generally, this requires a dealer login. However here is the latest version.

2. Skip to 1:00 into the video below. This video will walk you through pushing the firmware update from your PC computer to the 2GIG Go!Control.

3. After you have completed the firmware update, remove the cable. If you are looking to setup service you can purchase either the Verizon or AT&T radio (Linked above). Then sign up for service with an dealer.

If you are having issues locating the 4-pin terminal, it is located just to the lower right of the cellular communicator inside the GC panel. See photo below.

We offer no contract monitoring services which include free tech support and remote programming assistance. Since requires cellular communications you will need to choose from the Gold level plans. This includes unlimited cellular data. In other words, you will not need to enroll in service with the cellular carrier to activate the service.

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