How do I get into L7000 programming if I'm locked out?

Normally if you click on the Tools icon in the Security section of your L7000 you should be able to enter programming by entering your installer code. The default installer code is 4112. If you are putting in your installer code and instantly getting kicked back to the home screen then you have entered the incorrect installer code. If you get sent to the next screen that shows "Program" on the top left then you have the correct installer code. However you may find that you press the program button but it does not respond. This means that you are locked out of programming. Whether you are locked out or forgot your installer code here is the only way of getting you back into programming.

First, power cycle the LYNX Touch L7000 alarm system.

You can accomplish this with a "soft" or "hard" reboot. In order to "soft reboot" enter the following sequence: Security + More + Tools + Enter Master Code (default is 1234) + Test + Reboot. If you are not sure of the master code you can open the panel and disconnect the battery and ac power connections. If you are not using the LT cable then you should unplug power at the wall not at the panel to avoid possible electrocution.

Press and HOLD the Home button (House icon beneath the touch screen) as soon as you see the white screen during reboot.

When the system is rebooting you will see scrolling Linux text then there will be a white screen. During the white screen press and hold the Home button beneath the touchscreen.

Release the Home button when you see ‘Ready to Arm’ on a green bar across the screen.

Now you will be back to the Home screen. Make sure to execute the following commands in order and relatively quick.

Press and release ‘Security’ icon on the touchscreen.

Press and release ‘Arm Stay’ on the touchscreen.

A number pad will pop up. Enter ‘Clear’ followed by ‘00’.

Now, the same screen you would see after entering your installer code in the tools menu will populate.

Then press the program button and enter back into programming.

Once you are back in programming first confirm the installer code.

After you press 'Program' you will see 'Installer Code.' Press that and reset to something you will easily remember. Document it digitally just in case you forget.

** The reason why you got locked out of programming is because "No" was selected when prompted to "Allow installer back into programming?" during the last time someone exited programming mode. This question is asked EVERY time you exit programming. You will need to always say "Yes" unless you want to be locked out and need to follow these steps again. **

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Yes, unfortunately. And paying too much for very little. All but one of our 3 key fobs have failed (the battery holder/terminals are weak so broken), so I'd like to purchase those and register them myself, and be able to change the settings on a door or two. Guardian can do nothing online, any changes involve a tech visit (we're two-wired to our cable ISP's VOIP, the only thing we use the line for). Despite the not shown "Security" icon, everything else follows the instructions I've found. Entering a known invalid code does nothing, the master code at least gets to the next screen - but of course it's not the Installer's screen. I suspect if I entered the as yet unknown installer's code, I'd get into the full options for programming.
Good Morning, Unfortunately Guardian does make proprietary panels, so some of the settings are similar but different. Are you still currently monitored by Guardian?
My Guardian Alarm supplied panel (Michigan) never has the "Security" icon on the screen. Everything else matches descriptions cited on this site. I've only (yet) soft rebooted and tried several times the procedure (I do have the Master code), I'm after the Installer code. I'll be trying a hard (all power removed) reboot next time . . . but why would the "Security" icon not be present?
Reset on second try, had to unplug power, bat. then worked great. Thanks.

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