How Do I Get Into Programming Mode on My Lyric Gateway?

A user has no access to programming on a Lyric Gateway and will need their security monitoring company to complete initial programming, and to make any programming changes.

The Lyric Gateway was manufactured without giving any access to programming through the panel itself. It must be monitored by a company with access to AlarmNet360. Using AlarmNet360, once the communicator has been activated, the alarm company can remotely login to the system and access the majority of the Gateway’s programming. Programming fields that can only be accessed through AlarmNet360 are communication options, the majority of system programming and zone programming. This means a user cannot add any security devices, nor can they adjust the majority of system settings. Instead, they will need to notify their alarm monitoring company whenever they want to add new security devices to the system, delete or change a device, or if there is a need to update the communication settings

The Lyric Gateway has a free downloadable app called MyHome Gateway. It is available from the Apple and Android app stores, and a user will need to use this app to map the Gateway to a WIFI network. Full instructions on completing this process can be found here. Once configured, the app can be used like a touchscreen keypad, allowing the user to arm and disarm the system, edit and update user codes, include new Z-Wave devices, change the panel volume and brightness and adjust system WIFI settings. There are also options for installing a cellular module, an option to replace the backup battery while the unit is powered up, enable the Walk Test and Go/No Go mode and an update button for key fob firmware. The ability to control the system through this app is only available when the app is run on a smart device connected to the same network as the Lyric Gateway.

The Lyric Gateway can also be used with Total Connect 2.0. This is a cloud based system that can be accessed through a web browser or a free app available from the Apple and Android app stores. Using Total Connect 2.0, a user can remotely arm and disarm the system, create and edit users, activate and program Scenes and Rules for automation devices and receive notifications via text message or email when security and automation events occur. Total Connect 2.0 needs to be added to an account with AlarmNet360 and it’s typically part of a monitoring plan. Total Connect 2.0 can be used to control the system from anywhere, as long as both the Lyric Gateway, and the smart device or computer being used have a network connection.

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That is correct the Lyric can be programmed from the panel and the Lyric Gateway's programming is achieved through the AlarmNet 360 web page, or app, and needs to be performed by the security dealer.
I assume the Lyric controller can be programed from the panel just like the Lynx 5210 and it is only the Lyric Gateway that cannot be programmed - correct?

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