How do I Get Into Programming on My L5200?

To enter programming within the L5200 you will need to know the installer code for the panel, Honeywell has their default code set to 4112. Enter the tools icon on the panel, enter the installer code, and select the program option. From this screen you can access programming for the L5200.

  1. Press the home button beneath the touchscreen.
    This puts you back at the main home screen and gives us a good starting place for entering programming.
  2. Press the security icon on the touchscreen.
    The green house icon is your security section, tap on the icon to open the security options. You will see an icon on the bottom right of the screen that gives you the option to view more. There will be an icon that shows up that is the tools section.
  3. Press the tools icon.
    Tap on the Tools icon, this will cause a keypad to appear on the screen.
  4. Enter your installer code or master code.
    By choosing your installer or master code, the system will kick you into one of two different programming menus. See step 5 for installer programming
  5. Installer Programming: Press program and select a programming menu.
    After entering your installer code (default is 4112) you will need to press the "program" icon. Within the installer programming screen there will be a good amount of options you may sort through. These range from general panel information, to zone programming, and even communication settings as well. The main section to focus on when programming the L5200 will be Zones, from this section you will be able to add and remove sensors. When you enter into zones, a list of blank options will appear for you to fill in. Some of these have templates to help get you started on zone programming, such as descriptions being pre-filled out.

    The zones section is where you will program sensors, you may either manually enter the serial number of the sensor with the provided keypad or fault the device three times while on the same screen. Faulting the device three times will automatically learn the device and its information into the panel. This method is the quickest and most efficient way to program since it is also verifying that the RF communication between the device and the panel is functioning. To do this, within the selected zone, select the serial number option. With the keypad appearing on the screen, fault the device three times. For each fault you will hear a respective beep i.e. one fault is one beep, second fault is two beeps , third fault is three beeps. After the third beep the screen will automatically push you back into the zone, where you can add descriptors for the sensor you just programmed.

    When you are registering your panel with a certified Honeywell dealer, you'll be asked to provide the MAC and CRC codes for your panel. From the program screen you can access these codes by going into "Comm. Diagnostics" and scrolling down until you see "Communication ID Numbers". Within that section the MAC and CRC codes will appear on the screen, showing which communicator in the panel that they are mapped to.

  6. Master Programming: Select a menu.
    After you enter your master code (default is 1234) you will be kicked into the master programming screen. This is generally used for WIFI enrollment, user code editing, and software rebooting. The master programming menu also gives access to view event history, set reminders, and adjust date/time settings. This screen may not be used too much, especially if you are set up with a Total Connect account, since the majority of these options are available to be accessed remotely on app or web login.

    Verify that both you and the other users of your panel know the difference between the installer and master codes. This will be very important to reduce confusion on how to access programming and which codes should be used to arm/disarm the system. When you add users you will have the option to assign specify codes for them. In theory, this will stop accidental usage of the installer code during any arming or disarming of the panel.

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