How do I get power to the L5100?

Hooking up power to the Honeywell L5100 out of the box isn't the easiest solution and that's why we always recommend using a Honeywell LT Cable.

If you're looking to brave installing without an LT Cable, get your wire strippers ready, because you're going to have to run two wires yourself.

The Honeywell LYNX 5100 will ship with a transformer to plug into the wall, but no wires.

We recommend using a 22 gauge (or preferably 18 AWG), stranded 2 conductor wire.

You will need to connect the positive (red) from the +9 VDC inside the panel to the positive on the transformer and the negative (black) from the GND terminal inside the panel to the negative on the transformer.

Connecting to the terminals using this method will require stripping the insulation around the wire and making sure you have a good connection from the wire to the screw terminal.

If you're going with the Alarm Grid preferred method of installation and using a LT Cable, we have a great installation video for you:

The LT Cable ships with an easy plug on one side that directly plugs into the back of the L5100 and the other end has two spade connectors that make plugging into the Honeywell 300-04705 transformer a breeze.

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Yes you can. Which panel do you have? Do you know about our monitoring plans?
can you use romex in lieu of 22 gauage standed wire between panel and the transformer?
No, it is not common for Honeywell equipment to show up damaged. The L7000 (and L5210) was re-worked to remove the internal barrel plug connector but you can use the new LT-CABLE ( ) for the connection between the panel and the power supply.
Which model LYNX panel do you have? If it's touchscreen, how many hard touch buttons are underneath the panel and do they have words AND symbols or just symbols?
Where do the red and black wires connect on my manual Honeywell lynx alarm system. The phone guy cut my wires
The installation guide for the LYNX Touch panel references the gauge wire to use for the transformer based on the length of wire run. The installation guide will always reference installation standards that will meet UL requirements.
Are you sure about the UL requirements for 18 awg on the transformer to the panel?
They do. It costs $400.
I would think the UL website would have some good information about what's required.
No one is requiring it. I'm an installer, and I was hoping to learn more about what the UL requirements were. Just trying to increase my knowledge.
Who is requiring a UL installation? Typically, you need to have that installed by a company that can provide you with a UL installation/monitoring certificate.
Hi Sterling, do you know where I could find some information on what is necessary for a UL listed installation?
You could relocate the panel to a different location where you could wire it to an outlet that is closer to the panel. Or you can just try the 24 gauge wire.
Thanks, as you can imagine it would be extremely difficult to snake a new wire to the existing panel location. The distance is approximately 20' to the outlet, I would imagine that voltage drop damaging the equipment is the primary concern. I looked into doubling up the wires (since there are 4) but read mixed things on the internet. Any other ideas? (Can't snake the old wire out with a new one either)
Yes, technically UL requires 18 gauge so I would recommend at least 22 but 24 may work.
Thanks Sterling, what if its 24 gauge. The existing cable does not have a marking on it. I know it is either 24/4 or 22/4 solid. I tried to match it up with a piece of 24 wire that I had but its hard to tell. Is 24 ok, I know your recommendation is at least 22?
Yes, you can use the existing wire to connect the transformer terminals to the +9VDC and GND terminals in the LYNX Touch.
I am replacing an old hardwire panel with the l5100. Can I use the existing wire between the control panel and the main panel? I would prefer having the plug in the basement anyway. (Presuming the gauge is >22)

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