How Do I Include Schlage Z-Wave Door Locks on an L7000?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 will support up to six Z-Wave door locks. You will need the L5100-ZWAVE module installed in the L7000 in order to do any Z-Wave integration. Z-Wave is a technology that uses 908.4 MHz RF frequencies to control third party devices from a single source.

Once Z-Wave devices have been enrolled with the system, you can then you can join them into scenes, rules and schedules that are triggered automatically. The world of z-wave is ever-changing. Although all units that "speak Z-wave" should be compatible, this is unfortunately not always the case.

For example, the Schlage BE468 and BE469 z-wave deadbolts do not work reliably with the L7000. However the Schlage FE469 deadbolt (newer firmware) seems to work better. The first step on including any z-wave device with your L7000 is entering inclusion mode: Home button (beneath touchscreen) > Automation icon > down key > Tools > Include Devices. Give the system a minute to enter inclusion mode. You will get a message saying, "Ready to include device. Press the function button on device."

The function button is not always a button. In most cases, it is a sequence of buttons. For example, on page 13 of the FE469 user guide you will see the enrolling process is: Press the "Schlage" button > Enter your 6-digit installer code > Enter 0. At this point you should see a green check mark on the door lock. If you are not within 6 feet of the door lock. Remove the L7000 from AC power and bring the panel within 6 feet of the door lock and try again.

Once you get the green check mark on the lock, you should see a message pop up on the L7000 screen saying, "Device Found: Please Wait." This means the device is being included. You should see the device show up on the list in the background behind pop messages. The system will go back into inclusion mode for you to add other devices. Now here comes the tricky part.

Although the system may allow you to add several devices at a time we recommend to only add one device at a time. The inclusion mode message will pop again and seemingly the inclusion of the device did not work. However you may see a device listed behind the pop up message. If not try to include again. If so, click the "Abort" button and return to the "Locks" icon on the previous page. You should now see the door lock there. The key is to be patient.

Z-wave uses a mesh network and takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes to fully connect to the controller. This may seem like eternity but it will be the difference between a functional lock and failed lock. Give it a time. Step away if you have to. Then after 5 minutes, the lock should respond to commands from the panel as well as update status on manual open/closes on the lock itself.

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You're welcome!
Great! Thank you for all the help :)
I did some searching, and I see what you mean. The important part is to get the same firmware as the FE469 (or later), but only the hardware you need. I would contact Schlage and see what they recommend. Schlage Customer Service: 888-805-9837 (US)
I can't speak to this particular model, but generally, newer firmware seems to have fewer problems. For some reason, we've seen issues with all the Schlage brand locks. The most important thing seems to be, get your users into the alarm panel, with Z-Wave locking options set, then include the lock to the panel within very close proximity to one another, and leave them that way for some time so that all the code info can be sent from the panel to the lock, then put them in their normal respective locations and test.
Where did you buy the FE469? I can only find it for sale paired with a door handle that I do not need. Thank you! :)
Hello, I am having this code deletion issue when I pair the BE469 and my lynx 7000. If I switch to the FE469, can I avoid this problem?
The above steps worked for me right out of the gate with a Lynx 5210 and Schlage FE469. Awesome lock!
Thank you for reporting back with information on what fixed the issue. Hopefully that helps the next user with this issue.
Ok, I think I figure out the problem. I have a Ubiquiti M9 antenna at home radiating at 908Mhz in a 10Mhz channel. I turn it off for testing and the lock works perfectly. Thanks for all the data in the post.
I have multiple customers with issues on this specific lock (BE469) and the L7000. I am not sure what it is exactly. Some of them work fine while others continue to be problematic. I am sorry I do not have a solution for this besides recommending switching in a different model.
Hi, My case is similar to Randy's. Same BE469 with L7000, include the device and the codes from the lock were deleted. Not a big deal, but my problem is that the lock only accept the commands from the panel in a close range ( 9 feet at most). and it takes some time to process the commands lock/unlock (up to 1 minute) changing the time according to the distance of the devices. Shouldn't Z Wave protocol outreach this distance? Thanks!
If you did have codes learned directly into the lock, they get over-written once you pair the lock to the alarm system and pair Users from the system to the lock. However, once you understand how the system and lock codes work in conjunction through the panel's Users codes, it should still function the way it used to while also offering you the ability to integrate the locking/unlocking with the panel arming/disarming.
When I installed my BE469 it only worked if you do a fresh install on the lock or a reset of the lock to erase the codes you have in it.
Did you perhaps install the Z-Wave module with the system powered up? If so, power cycle the system and then you should see more options.
When I press the automation key on my L7000 there is no option for add devices. No up or down arrows. Only garage door, set scene, set schedule... Z-wave module is installed and shows it in programming mode. What am I missing?!?

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