How Do I Install a 5820L Slim Line Sensor?

You can install a 5820L by mounting it in a desired location. We recommend placing the 5820L on the door or window frame and its magnet on the moving part. This will prevent the 5820L from being damaged when closing the door or window. The sensor must be within half an inch of its magnet.

Complete the following steps to install a 5820L slim line door and window contact:

1. Insert a battery. The 5820L uses an alkaline or lithium AAA battery to operate. You must remove the device's cover in order to insert the battery. To remove the cover, insert a small flathead screwdriver into the opening slot of the sensor, and gently pull the cover off. The opening slot is shown in the picture below:

When inserting the battery, make sure to connect the positive end of the battery to the positive terminal on the sensor and the negative end of the battery to the negative terminal on the sensor. Then, put the cover back onto the sensor.

2. Program the sensor. Once the battery is installed, you will want to program the sensor into the panel. The video below shows how to do this with a Lynx Touch panel:

3. Mount the sensor. You can mount the sensor and its magnet using either its included double-sided sticky tape or by using screws that are inserted into its mounting holes. You will want to mount the sensor on the door or window frame and the magnet on the moving portion of the door or window. This will reduce the chances of the sensor being damaged when the door or window is opened or closed.

The picture below shows the mounting holes on the 5820L sensor:

4. Test the sensor. Once the 5820L has been installed and programmed, test the sensor by opening the door or window. If the sensor was installed and programmed correctly, the faulted zone will be displayed on the panel. Close the door or window, and the fault display should clear.

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