How Do I Install A 6150 Keypad?

The Honeywell 6150 keypad is an addressable, fixed display keypad and is compatible with most Honeywell hardwired alarm control panels (check for compatibility).

The 6150 keypad can be surface mounted directly to a drywall or to a single- or double-gang electrical box.

Using a flathead screwdriver, push in the two case release snaps found at the bottom of the keypad then pull the bake case away. Insert the screwdriver in the side of the keypad between the front and back case and gently twist to release the side locking tab. Repeat for the other side.

Route the wire from the control panel through the opening in the back of the case.

Mount the back of the case to the wall or electrical box.

Using 14 - 22 gauge wire only, wire directly from the keypad's terminal block to the terminal block on the control panel. The "G" terminal on the keypad connects to the "Data In" (terminal 6) on the panel. The minus (-) sign terminal on the keypad connects to -Aux Power (terminal 4) on the control panel. The plus sign (+) terminal on the keypad goes to the + Aux Power (terminal 5) on the control panel. Finally, the "Y" terminal on the keypad goes to the "Data Out" (terminal 7) on the control panel.

Reattach the front to the back case.

The 6150 keypad must now be addressed. Power up the keypad and within 60 seconds of power-up, press and hold down the number 1 and the number 3 keys at the same time for 3 seconds. The current keypad address will be displayed (the default address is 31), and the cursor will be under the "tens" digit. Enter the number 0 and the cursor will move to the "ones" digit position. Enter the number 0 to clear the current "ones" digit. The cursor will move back to the "tens" digit position. Enter the proper tens digit (1) and the cursor will auto move to the ones position. Enter the proper one digit (6).

Press the star (*) key to save and exit address.

If 10 seconds have passed with no key entry, the keypad automatically exits address mode. You must power down, power up and start address mode again.

The keypad will not enter address mode if the panel to which it is connected is in programming mode.

Address "31" sets the keypad to non-addressable mode.

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