How do I install a 7847i IP device onto a VISTA-250BPT?

Installing a Honeywell 7847i internet alarm communicator on a VISTA-250BPT security system is as simple as connecting a keypad to the system. Once the 7847i has been installed, your VISTA-250BPT will now support internet alarm communications so you can sign up for AlarmNet monitoring service. Internet alarm communications are inexpensive and fast. With a 7847i, you can even upgrade your VISTA-250BPT with Honeywell's interactive Total Connect service.

To install your 7847i internet communicator, first power down your VISTA-250BPT security system. Since the 7847i connects to the ECP terminals, these connections should never be made when the system is powered on. Take the cover off of the 7847i and you will see a terminal strip on the green circuit board. Connect terminals 3-6 on the 7847i to terminals 6-9 on the VISTA-250BPT. When making your connections, terminal 3 on the 7847i should be connected to terminal 6 on the control panel. Terminal 4 on the 7847i should be connected to terminal 7 on the panel. Terminal 5 on the communicator should be connected to terminal 9 on the panel and finally, connect terminal 6 on the 7847i to terminal 8 on the VISTA-250BPT.

With the ECP connections made, you are now ready to connect your 7847i to your internet router. Connect an Ethernet wire from an open port on your router to the Ethernet port on the 7847i. You can then power up your VISTA-250BPT and close the cover on the 7847i to complete your installation. The 7847i will not work without AlarmNet service so make sure to sign up after your installation.

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