How do I get AlarmNet?

If you're looking to get Honeywell's AlarmNet services, you're going to have to go through an authorized Honeywell dealer such as Alarm Grid. Honeywell does not offer AlarmNet services directly to consumers. AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicators are activated by Honeywell dealers who are setup with AlarmNet access. Simply connect an internet or cellular AlarmNet communicator to your Honeywell security system, then choose your AlarmNet provider. Once you sign up for monitoring service, you need to supply the MAC and CRC numbers located on your communicator to the Honeywell / AlarmNet dealer so they can create and activate your account. Once the communicator is active, the alarm signals will pass through AlarmNet's servers and be conveyed to the proper central station.

Luckily, Alarm Grid offers a variety of alarm monitoring service plans powered by AlarmNet monitoring services. We're proud to offer the industry's first self monitoring plan that allows you to take advantage of AlarmNet's interactive Total Connect service without the added expense of central station monitoring. Of course, we also offer monitoring plans that include central station service. Our popular Silver and Gold plans even combine central station with Total Connect 2.0 for the most interactive and secure options available.

AlarmNet doesn't just offer alarm monitoring services anymore. Using Honeywell security cameras and Z-Wave devices you can even use Total Connect 2.0 to view your property live and control your home's lights, locks and thermostats from any remote location. Remote Z-Wave control is included in the Silver and Gold plans. If you want to add Video Surveillance, you can sign up for our Platinum plan.

We invite you to browse through our monitoring plans today so you can choose the best AlarmNet service for your compatible Honeywell alarm panel.

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The IPGSM4G is a fire device and we are not setup for commercial fire accounts like that. Please email us the details on the systems that these radios are connected to:
Yes I have 2 systems. You are not able to take over a ipgsm4g? It is still just an alarmnet account isn’t it? Or can you not reprogram it to another central station?
So you have multiple different alarm systems with these communicators? The CDMA-X we support. The IPGSM4G is a fire communicator which we do not support. We support an equivalent product called the iGSMV4G (dual path burglary communicator): You can sign up for each for a monitoring plan for each system that we support: Feel free to email us at for any detailed questions.
I have a cdmax and ipgsm4g How would I transfer those?
We are actually able to take over your system as long as it hasn't been locked out. It's also very helpful if you have the installer code. With your system, it's compatible with any of our plans - check them out at this link:
I am trying to switch my monitoring company and I own my Honeywell L7000, CDMAL57 and WiFi card, how do I get a different alarmnet dealer to take over?
Of course! All you have to do is sign up here: Please reach out with any questions.
Can I use AlarmNet from Alarm Grid with a Honeywell LYNX controller that was purchased elsewhere?
The 7847i will allow you to setup Total Connect 2.0 on your VISTA-20P. Yes, you will be able to use the app to control the system.
do if I want to use the Tuxedo with Total Connect the only other option I would need is the 7847i? Would this also allow me to connect to my system thru the app?
No, you need an actual AlarmNet communicator. The Tuxedo is not an alarm Communicator even though it supports Total Connect 2.0 automation services.
What if I add a Tuxedo Touch wireless or 6280 keypad will that allow me to use your services?
The 8132i Symphony keypad is no longer supported by AlarmNet. If you add a 7847i internet communicator to your VISTA-20P or a cellular communicator, then we can offer you monitoring service.
I have an Ademco 8132I and Vista 20P can they be used with your system and alarmnet?
No, the L5200 only supports the AlarmNet IP cameras if the L5200 has an ILP5 or L5100-WIFI module installed. Because the panel and the cameras are on the same local network, you can bring up the camera feeds from the panel touch screen.
Can you hardwire security cameras to the Honeywell L5200?
Thank you for the reply. As a result of your prompt attention to my concern, I will be immediately subscribing to your service. Best Regards.
If your AlarmNet communicator is active with an AlarmNet provider, then you would be able to Compass the panel.
I think I originally put this in the wrong place. I want to clarify something. Is there a reason, with a basic "self-monitoring" plan that I cannot perform remote IP downloading via Compass 2 to an Ademco Vista-250FBP with a TUXWIFIW as an IP interface? Would a different IP interface make this possible? I'd like to move away from the 4100SM downloading and use alarmnet's available IP downloading for a number of commercial panels. It would seem, with an alarmnet account and your CS IP address, it should work. If not, why are you able to IP download to my panel but I am not (as in what is preventing it and how can I overcome it) or is it an intentional limitation of your service? I noticed the previous related question and answer; I just think perhaps it was incorrectly stated.
You can't do remote programming but once you are active with us, we can program it remotely for you. You can certainly set up email and text notifications. Take a look at the Total Connect demo at for all of the available features.
That is great news, thanks again! Lastly, is there someplace I can look to see a full list of the features that are available when using this type of communicator? Will I be able to log in and modify programming for example? Can I set it up to email notifications, etc.?
Yes, that is correct. If you would use that feature, we will turn it on and there is no increased cost. There are three levels (no zone control, up to 10 zones and unlimited zones) but we don't charge you any more than the regular Monitoring Plus rate no matter which one you choose.
Thank you for the quick reply. So if I understand you correctly, zone control is included in the monitoring plus plan you offer? Are there limits on the maximum number of zones I could monitor using that feature?
Yes, we would setup the communicator programming once you sign up for service. You can see our plans at and we provide all of the available Total Connect features with the Monitoring Plus plan aside from automation and video which are available add-ons. Zone Control would be the sensor open/close notifications. That feature is used for people that want alerts on door or windows opening when the system is disarmed.
I have installed my new vista 20p and iGSMV4G. I've programmed the panel, but guess I need to work with a monitoring company to program the communicator? Is this something you do from your end? Also, does Alarm Grid offer differing levels of service for total connect? I would like a cost breakdown of the various features that are supported. I am interested in dual path internet and cell monitoring, with some basic total connect features, but do not understand what "zone control" is.
It depends on what your goal is. Do you want a working alarm system or do you want a way to control your Z-Wave device?
yes not sure but its honeywell older say10years do I first upgrade alarm it think its close to a safewatch 3000 all hard wire
Do you have a security system or a home automation system? A Z-Wave device and a router will not do anything for you. You need some sort of system that includes a Z-Wave controller. The LYNX Touch L5100 with an L5100-ZWAVE module and an alarm communicator may be just what you need. Call us to discuss.
I have a netgear gateway asg1000-1t5nas and I want to use jasco z-wave wall duplex and I want to be able to view and turn on and off with computer and phone I have all equipment what do I do next

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