How Do I Install a CDMA Communicator in a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System?

You can install a CDMA Communicator in a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System by putting the Lyric into its cellular module installation mode and then physically installing the module. There is a slot on the right side of the Honeywell Lyric Controller for this module that can be easily accessed.

If a user needs to purchase a new cellular communicator for their Honeywell Lyric Controller, we would generally advise not choosing the Verizon CDMA Communicator. This communicator is designed to connect the system with the Verizon CDMA Network. This network provides slower speeds than the newer 4G and LTE networks.

Additionally, Verizon has stated that after June, 2018, they will no longer allow the activation of new CDMA communicators, or the re-activation of previously cancelled ones. Honeywell has stated they will continue to allow the provisioning of new CDMA communicators manufactured in March, 2018 or later. These devices come from the factory with the communicator activated. For further details on the CDMA sunset, please read our blog on the subject.

Instead, it is a better idea to purchase an LTE communicator for a Lyric System. LTE stands for "Long-Term Evolution", and it represents the latest in cellular communication technology. LTE provides faster speeds, and cellular service providers have promised that they will continue to support their LTE networks well into the distant future. The same cannot be said for less-advanced cellular networks, which are set to be discontinued in the coming years. By choosing an LTE communicator, you are future-proofing your system for the long run.

But if you want to use a CDMA communicator, it is still possible. Complete the following steps to install a CDMA communicator in a Honeywell Lyric Controller:

1. Access module installation mode. Start from the home screen on the Lyric. Choose Security > Tools > Master Code (default 1234) > Advanced > Install Cellular Module > Yes. The Lyric will display a list of steps for installing the cellular module.

2. Remove the cover. When facing the front screen of the Lyric, there is a cellular expansion slot on the right side. The cover for this slot must first be removed before the cellular module can be added. To do this, push up on where the silver portion meets the white portion of the system. The cover can then be pulled off.

3. Insert the module. Slide the cellular module into the expansion slot. The module should lock securely into place. As this is done, the information stickers on the module should be facing towards the installer, the silver portion of the module (the antenna) should be on the bottom, and the connector should be on the left, facing the panel.

4. Secure the cover. Reattach the Lyric's side cover. Make sure that it snaps securely into place. Follow the instructions outlined on the Lyric Controller's screen to complete the installation process. The module will need to be associated to an alarm monitoring account before it will function.

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