How Do I Install a CDMA Module Into My Lyric Gateway?

There are a couple of options for installing the Lyric-CDMA into the Lyric Gateway. If you’ll be including cellular communication from the beginning, you can install the cell unit prior to initial power up by doing the following:

  1. Pull up the removable top cover
  2. Slide the CDMA module securely into place, and tighten down the provided screw.
  3. Pop the top cover back into place, and make sure it seats securely.
  4. Verify the battery is connected, and the provided power cord is plugged into the back of the Lyric Gateway.
  5. Tie the other end of the power cable (red and black) to the proper terminals, Red to Positive (+) and Black to Negative (-), on the provided transformer.
  6. When everything is properly connected, plug the transformer into an unswitched outlet to power up the Lyric Gateway.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your alarm dealer to complete the activation.

If you’ll be adding cellular communication to an existing, registered Lyric Gateway, and you have the MyHome Gateway App set up, do the following:

  1. Launch the MyHome Gateway App
  2. Go to Security > Tools > Master Code (Default is 1234) > Advanced > Install Cellular Module.
  3. At the prompt “Would you like to install Cellular Module?” Choose “Yes”
  4. You’ll see this prompt:

Complete these steps

And then press OK

-Remove the panel top cover

-Remove the existing cellular module (If present)

-Install new cellular module

-Attach panel top cover.



Once you've completed the above steps and clicked OK, follow your alarm dealer's instructions to complete the activation.

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