How Do I Install a Lyric Gateway Cellular Communicator?

Once the user powers down the system, they can remove the top cover of the Gateway's housing to reveal the cell expansion bay. The cellular communicator installs into the bay, with its serial contacts facing down. It's shaped so that the communicator cannot be installed in the wrong direction.

The Lyric Gateway has three cellular communicators. The communicators are all self-contained devices that have the sim card pre-installed. There are two AT&T communicators for the system, the Lyric-3G and the Lyric-LTE-A. The LTE version isn’t available yet, but it will be released soon. There is also an AT&T cellular communicator, the Lyric-CDMA. In addition to its cellular communication, the Gateway has a built-in Ethernet jack and WIFI communicator. The system is able to have Internet and cellular active at the same time. This is known as "dual path," and it is highly recommended. The Gateway will automatically switch to cellular if the system's WIFI connection fails. Any of the communication paths can be used as the sole method of communication, and all of the paths support Total Connect and Central Station monitoring services.


To install a cellular communicator in a Lyric Gateway:

  1. Power down the system. Unplug the system from the wall. Remove the set screw in the bottom of the unit. Remove the unit from its wall plate, and unplug the backup battery.
  2. Open the top of the unit. Grasp the rounded top plate of the Gateway, and lift it up. This will reveal its expansion bays.
  3. Install the cellular communicator. It installs into the system with the serial connection facing down. Make sure that the cellular communicator seats firmly into the system.
  4. Return the top plate to its position on top of the Gateway.
  5. Power the system up. First, plug in the system's backup battery. Place the system on its backplate, and install the set screw in the bottom of the unit. Finally, plug in the system's transformer.
  6. Get activated for monitoring. The alarm company who has been selected to monitor the system can now set up the Gateway's account, and get the sim registered. AlarmGrids does have no contract monitoring plans that support cellular communication with the Gateway.

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