How Do I Install & enroll a 5800PIR-RES to a 2GIG GC3?

There are several reasons you may want to use the 5800PIR-RES with the GC3. You may be replacing an older Honeywell panel with existing wireless zones, or there may be differences in price or features. Whatever the reason, follow these steps to install and enroll the 5800PIR-RES.


  1. 5800PIR-RES should usually be mounted 7.5 to 8 feet from the floor, follow the instructions based on the lens being used.
  2. It should be mounted where an intruder would be expected to walk across the detection pattern, as opposed to straight toward the motion.
  3. Avoid mounting near air conditioners/vents, ceiling fans, cold air returns, or facing any objects that may be moved by them, such as curtains or blinds.
  4. When taking advantage of pet immunity, avoid mounting the motion where pets can come within 6 feet of the front of the detector by climbing on furniture, or stairs. Any pet that can get within 6 feet of the motion will trip it, regardless of size.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight which may come through windows, glass doors, or skylights.
  6. After selecting a mounting location, don’t permanently mount the 5800PIR-RES until you’ve tested it with the alarm panel and verified it is able to get its signal to the GC3.


  1. From the Home screen, press the 2GIG logo in the upper right.
  2. Enter your Installer Code (Default = 1561)
  3. Press “System Configuration”
  4. Press “Wireless Zones”
  5. Scroll down to the zone you wish to program, then press “Edit Zone.” This will bring up a scrollable list of options to program for this zone. The list of options is shown on the left, and the programming for each is shown on the right.
  6. In the upper right, press the hamburger menu icon ≡ then choose a zone type. Usually, Interior Follower, or Interior with Delay. See the attached video for a more in depth explanation of each.
  7. When you choose an Interior zone type, the “Sensor Type” option will automatically be selected as “Motion”
  8. Next, choose an Equipment Code. You can use 0533 or 0609, either will work.
  9. Next, enter the 5800PIR-RES serial number. You can either type the number in, or press the “Learn” button at the bottom right, install the motion’s battery, then fault it to learn it in.
  10. Enter the Equipment Age, either Existing or New.
  11. By default, the Sensor Loop will be set to 1, which is always going to be correct for the 5800PIR-RES.
  12. “Transmission Delay” pertains to the burglary alarm communication Delay. If set to “Enabled” an alarm on this zone will not be reported unless the system is not disarmed within the programmed delay. The Default is 30 seconds. If “Disabled”, an alarm on this zone will report immediately.
  13. The Voice Descriptor can be edited here and can contain up to 6 words. Press “Edit Voice Descriptor” then scroll through all available words,or begin typing a word to jump to it. Once the word you want is displayed, tap the word to select it. When finished, press “Done.”
  14. “Sensor Reports”, when enabled, causes this zone to report alarms to central station.
  15. “Sensor Supervised”, when enabled, tells the panel it must hear some type of transmission from this sensor on a regular basis, or it will indicate a trouble for this zone.
  16. “Sensor Chime” will automatically be disabled for this zone, but you can enable a chime, if you wish to do so.
  17. Once finished programming, back out of programming and be sure to “Save” your changes. The panel will reset, and you can then test the 5800PIR-RES prior to permanently mounting.

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