How Do I Install The Honeywell 4219 On My Vista 20P?

The Honeywell 4219 Hardwired Zone Expander Module adds up to 8 normally closed or 8 EOL resistor supervised zones.

The Honeywell 4219 can be mounted remotely or inside the Vista 20P control panels cabinet. Mounting the 4219 inside the panel box eliminates the need to add tamper protection.

Power down the Vista 20P control panel and mount the 4219 zone expander module before making any wiring connections. Using the screws provided, screw them into the 2 adjacent raised tabs at the back of the cabinet box, leaving the heads out ⅛ inch. Mount the 4219 horizontally by hanging the 4219 module on the screw heads using the 2 holes on the back of the module housing.

Connect zone connections to the 4219 module’s 12 position terminal block TB1. Position DIP switch #7 is for use of NC or EOLR zone. Set DIP #7 to OFF for EOLR operation. Each zone that is used must have a 2000 ohm end of line resistor connected across the end of its loop.

For UL set to OFF. For Normally closed operation set to ON.

Please refer to the Vista 20P install manual for programming each zone for the type of alarm and reporting code.

Set the 4219 address using DIP switches 2-6. Select address 07 (module 1) zones 9 - 16, reports as 107. Select address 08 (module 2) zones 17 - 24, reports as 108. Select address 09 (module 3) zones 25 - 32, reports as 109. Select address 10 (module 4) zones 33 - 40, reports as 110. Select address 11 (module 5) zones 41 - 48, reports as 111.

Use DIP switch 1 to select normal or fast response time for loop A: OFF = fast response time of 10 - 15 msec to an open circuit ON = normal response time of 300 - 500 msec.. All other module protection zones have a nominal response time of 300ms.

Connect the 4219 to the Vista 20P control panel’s keypad (ECP) terminals via 4 terminal block TB2 or the 4-pin plug, wire color connections are the same.

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Yes that is correct. That sis how you would wire it.
Would I wire it differently? Would I still wire the 4 wires back to the other alarm and then connect to aux power to the middle two screws?
Yes you may add an auxiliary power source.
Thanks! Can you add power to it just in case? I was thinking that when I was installing my house alarm, i read something somewhere that said I was probably close to the maximum draw for one transformer. Can't remember what I read, but was afraid I might not have enough power.
Yes that will work as long as the run doesn't exceed the maximum distance that the wire run can function at. The 4 wire connections all connect via parallel to the ECP bus on the system.
I currently have a vista 20p. I have already have one zone expander. I am building a shop I would like to add to my current alarm on the second partition. Can I run one set of 4 wires from the panel now to a expander in my shop? Then come off of that to a keypad in there and the couple of zones i want?
This depends on the gauge wire being used, and the amount of total wire on the keypad bus, as well as which panel you're using, and current being drawn. The 4219 draws 30mA of current. Attached is the chart from the Installation Instructions of the Vista-15P/Vista-20P. It would be the same for the Vista-21iP.
what is the max distance from panel to 4219

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