How Do I Install the Honeywell 5800COMBO?

You can install the Honeywell 5800COMBO by installing the device's mounting plate to the wall and then securing the device to the mounting plate. The device comes with screws and wall anchors for mounting the back plate. After installing the 5800COMBO, make sure to test it for proper operation.

Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detectorBefore installing the 5800COMBO, it is very important to choose a proper location for the device. We recommend placing the device high up on a wall or on a ceiling. It should also be placed away from any vents or air ducts, as they may disrupt its operation. The sensor will also need to be programmed to the panel before it will function. The 5800COMBO requires two separate wireless zones for smoke detection, heat detection and carbon monoxide detection on the panel. The 5800COMBO can use a total of five zones, if all functions are utilized.

5800COMBO Serial Number One (Smoke/Heat) 5800COMBO Serial Number Two (Carbon Monoxide)
Loop 1 = Smoke and Heat Detector Loop 1 = Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Loop 2 = Maintenance (program this to a separate zone to use the "Clean-me" feature Loop 2 = End of Life monitor
Loop 3 = Low Temperature Sensor

Complete the following steps to install a Honeywell 5800COMBO:

1. Mount the back plate. Hold the back plate up against the wall or ceiling, and mark the location for the holes that will be drilled. Then drill the holes into the wall or ceiling. Insert the wall anchors into the holes. Then hold the back plate up against the wall, and secure it using the provided screws. Make sure the back plate is nice and secure before continuing.

2. Secure the device. Hold the 5800COMBO up against the back plate, and align it with the back plate. Then turn the 5800COMBO clockwise to secure it. A clicking sound will confirm that the device has been secured to the mounting plate.

3. Test the sensor. The 5800COMBO should be tested for both smoke/heat detection and carbon monoxide detection. There are separate buttons for both of these testing functions. Make sure you place your system on test with the monitoring station before attempting to test the device. This FAQ will walk you through the process of testing the 5800COMBO.

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