How Do I Install the Honeywell 5808W3?

You can install the Honeywell 5808W3 by first choosing a good spot for the fire-safety device. Then install the mounting plate to the wall or ceiling using the screws and wall anchors provided. Finally, attach the device to the mounting plate. Make sure that it clicks securely into place.

Honeywell 5808w3 wireless smoke and heat detector

Complete the following steps to install a Honeywell 5808W3 Smoke and Heat Detector:

1. Determine a location. A smoke detector should be placed in an easily accessible area where it can properly alert users to the presence of a fire. It should be placed high up on the wall or on the ceiling. It should be placed away from any vents, ducts or kitchen appliances that may interfere with its performance. There should be at least one smoke detector on every floor of the building in order to achieve proper coverage.

Some good locations for smoke detectors include inside bedrooms and other sleeping areas, inside hallways that connect multiple rooms and in large central areas such as living rooms and dens. However, you should avoid placing smoke detectors inside bathrooms, cabinets and other covered areas. Remember, the detector must be in range of the security panel.

Please consult this FAQ for more information on where to install a smoke detector.

2. Secure the mounting plate. Hold the mounting plate up against the wall or ceiling, and mark the location for the two holes that will be drilled. When drilling the holes, make sure to accommodate for the wall anchors that will be used with the screws. After the holes have been drilled, secure the mounting plate to the wall or ceiling using the included screws and wall anchors.

3, Secure the device. Hold the device up against the mounting plate, and turn it clockwise until it locks into place. You should hear a "click" to confirm that the smoke and heat detector has been securely attached to the mounting plate.

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