How Do I Install the Micro SD Card in an ADC-V523?

You can install the SD card in an ADC-V523 by selecting a compatible card, removing the rubber tab on the bottom of the camera, inserting the card, then replacing the rubber tab. Once you have finished, go on the website to build an Onboard Recording Schedule for the camera.

The ADC-V523 only needs a Micro SD card if the onboard recording feature is being used. This feature has the camera store footage locally on a compatible Micro SD card that has a capacity no smaller than 32GB and no larger than 512GB. The footage is accessed and reviewed remotely through the website or mobile app. More information on the feature can be found here.

There is a minimum firmware requirement for the onboard recording feature. The ADC-V523 Camera must be on Firmware Version or higher. After you install a compatible Micro SD card and build an Onboard Recording Schedule, will then push down a firmware update to the ADC-V523 Camera, if needed. Keep in mind that you can only do this if your monitoring provider has enabled Onboard Recording for your account.

Complete the following steps to install a Micro SD card and create an Onboard Recording Schedule for an ADC-V523:

1. Choose a compatible card. You must use a Micro SD card that is compatible. Only cards of 256GB or smaller can be used. recommends using one of the following SD cards:

  • Micron Industrial Memory Cards
  • SanDisk High Endurance
  • WD Purple Micro SD Cards

2. Remove the rubber tab. On the underside of the ADC-V523 Camera, there should be a rubber tab. It is next to the QR Code and 12-Character MAC Address. Pull up this rubber tab to access the SD card slot.

3. Insert the SD card. Align the compatible Micro SD card with the slot. Make sure that it is facing the proper direction. Push the card into the Micro SD card slot so that it clicks into place.

4. Replace the rubber tab. Reapply the rubber tab over the SD card slot. This will help protect the SD card inside.

5. Create Onboard Recording Schedule. Login to your account through the website. Once you are at the main screen, click Video on the left-hand side. Choose Recording Rules > Local Recordings > +Add New Schedule. Select the ADC-V523 Camera with the Micro SD card installed. Use the slider bar to adjust the recording quality. Make sure to consider the fact that high recording quality will take up more storage space. For a recording schedule, choosing "at all times" will allow for a continuous 24-hour recording schedule. Alternatively, the option "only during the following times" will have you set a more limited schedule. There is also an option to limit the number of days that the Micro SD card will continue to store any given recording before automatically deleting it. Press Save to finish.

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