How Do I Join My ACU to WIFI Using WPS?

To join an ACU to WIFI using WPS, enter WPS mode on the Router or WAP, then press and release the Reset button on the ACU. The user should note that after they enter WPS mode, they have one minute to press and release the Reset button. Follow these steps to connect each ACU to the network.

The Honeywell ACU converts an older Analog camera input to a digital network capable output. The network connection can be wired, or wireless using WPS (WIFI protected setup). Traditionally, WIFI networks require input of an SSID and password to join the network. WPS simplifies this process.

WPS works on WPA and WPA2 networks only. As IP cameras and the ACU don't have a screen to display available networks, or a keyboard to input the network password, they use WPS. Joining a network through WPS is somewhat like joining two devices together through Bluetooth. The Router or Access Point is put into discovery mode, then the device joins the network through the WPS process. To join the ACU to WIFI using WPS:

  1. Power up the ACU, using the supplied power cable. Allow it to complete the boot up sequence, which can take up to 2 minutes. When completed, the Power LED will be lit steady.
  2. Enter WPS mode on the Router or WAP. If a WPS button is present, this usually involves pressing it for 3 seconds, then releasing it. Once you have begun the WPS process, there should be an LED on the Router or WAP indicating you've successfully entered WPS mode. It's important to note that you now have one minute to begin step 3.
  3. Press and release the Reset button on the ACU. Use a paper clip or similar instrument to do this. Note that WPS pairing can take up to 45 seconds. Once completed, there should be a steady green Power LED, and the Network LED should blink green occasionally to indicate network activity. Follow these steps to connect each ACU to the network.
  4. If the ACU is malfunctioning, the user may need to reset it to factory defaults. Once the default has been completed, the user's alarm dealer will need to remove, then add, the ACU to the account, and the WPS process will have to be completed again.

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