How Do I Program a SiXFOB to a Lyric Gateway?

You can program a SiXFOB to a Lyric Gateway by contacting your alarm monitoring company and having them remotely activate learn mode on the Lyric Gateway. From there, you will be able to learn-in the SiXFOB with the Gateway system. Make sure to test the SiXFOB after it has been enrolled.

The Lyric Gateway does not provide access to programming for end users. For this reason, learn mode must be activated remotely by your alarm monitoring company. The Gateway will need to have an active WIFI or cellular communication path for the monitoring company to put it into learn mode and to make any changes to the device after it has been enrolled. Once the Gateway is in learn mode, you can activate the SiXFOB three times to auto-learn it into the system.

Complete the following steps to add a SiXFOB to a Lyric Gateway:

1. Contact your monitoring company. Let your alarm monitoring company know that you would like to enroll a SiXFOB with the Lyric Gateway system. You will need to be on-site with both the SiXFOB and the Lyric Gateway in order to do this. Your alarm monitoring company will remotely access your Lyric Gateway and put it into learn mode.

2. Enroll the SiXFOB. Once the system is in learn mode, press and hold the top two buttons on the SiXFOB for about 2 seconds. The LED's will flash alternately for up to 20 seconds, then come on solid for 3 seconds. Press the top 2 buttons again to complete enrollment. Your monitoring company will confirm that enrollment was successful.

3. Configure the SixFOB. By default, the top right button is Disarm, top left button is arm Away, and the bottom left button is arm Stay. If you would like to use a panic button on your SiXFOB, let your monitoring company know at this time. The bottom right button is usually used as the panic button. This button can serve as an audible police panic, a silent police panic, a fire panic, a medical panic or a local panic. Your monitoring company will set this up for you as requested.

4. Test the SixFOB. With the fob added to programming, you should be able to arm and disarm the system by pressing the appropriate button. It is recommended that you test the SiXFOB with your security company still on the phone so that if it doesn’t work, they can easily adjust the device programming.

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