How Do I Program Duress Codes On A 2GIG GC3

A duress code is a four digit code that is programmed to the 2GIG GC3 panel and when entered will send a silent duress signal to a central monitoring station.

The 2GIG GC3 provides one duress code and is assigned and dedicated to user number 8.

Although the duress code is assigned to user 8, it is not activated until the user programs a four digit duress code.

To program a duress code users must know the master user code. The 2GIG GC3 default master code is 1111. From the home screen > press System Settings > Enter the four digit master user code > press Users > press the pencil icon next to the gray Duress user name > this will bring up the edit screen > press the Active button on the top right > at the Enter A Code, enter a four digit code that is easy to remember but different from any other user code > press Next > Confirm code by entering the four digit duress code again > press Done.

Users have the option to change the name from Duress to anything they like by pressing the name and entering a new one. Do not use User 8 as an additional user code, no matter what name you put in, entering the four digit code that is assigned to user 8 will always send a duress signal, if reporting is enabled. The 2GIG GC3 supports a total of 100 user codes so there are 97 other numbers to use for users.

The duress code should only be used in life threatening situations.

To send a duress signal to a central monitoring station when the system is disarmed, press the 2GIG logo > enter the four digit duress code.

To send a duress signal when the system is armed > press disarm > instead of entering your four digit code, enter the four digit duress code, the system will disarm as usual and even the voice description will say “system disarmed” but will send a duress signal to the users central monitoring station provider.

A duress signal will only work with monitored systems.

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