How Do I Program the Honeywell 5800COMBO to the Lyric Security System?

You can program the Honeywell 5800COMBO to the Lyric Security System by putting the Lyric System into its wireless enrollment mode for learning-in new sensors and then activating the device by pressing one of its test buttons to learn it in. The sensor uses five zones when fully programmed.

Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detector

The Honeywell 5800COMBO serves as a combination life-safety sensor for smoke/heat detection, CO detection and freeze detection. Each function requires its own wireless system zone. Also the sensor can use two additional zones for maintenance and end of product life. The sensor communicates at the same 345 MHz frequency as all of the other Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. Since the Lyric accepts these sensors, the 5800COMBO will work with the system.

When programming the 5800COMBO, the sensor uses two separate Serial Numbers. These are 7-digit numbers, and the 2nd SN is exactly one digit higher than the first one. So if the first Serial Number is 1234567, the second will be 1234568. The Serial Number that is used determines the function for that zone. Additionally, the Loop Number also determines the function. The table below shows the full details:

SMOKE Sensor Loops - Serial Number 1 CO Sensor Loops - Serial Number 2
Loop 1 - Heat/Smoke Alarm (Program as Fire) Loop 1 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm - (Use CO Zone Type 14)
Loop 2 - Maintenance (Program as 24 Hr. Trouble or 24 Hr. Auxiliary) Loop 2 - End-of-Life (Trouble) (Program as 24 Hr. Auxiliary)
Loop 3 - Low Temperature - Freeze Warning (Program as 24 Hr. Auxiliary or Day/Night)
Loop 4 - Tamper (Automatically enrolled, no special programming required)

Complete the following steps to program your 5800COMBO with a Honeywell Lyric Controller:

1. Access enrollment mode. Begin from the Lyric main screen with the system in a Disarmed state. Choose Security > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > Zones > Add New > Serial Number. The Lyric will now be in its wireless enrollment mode for learning-in new sensors.

2. Enroll the device. Make sure the RF Type is set to 5800. That is the option located just above the "Done" button in the lower-right corner. Then take the 5800COMBO and press and hold one of the device's test buttons to send a signal to the Lyric System for enrollment. Use the Smoke Test button if you are enrolling for smoke/heat, maintenance, or low-temperature. Use the CO Test Button if you are enrolling for CO detection or end of product life detection. The button must be held down for a few seconds for the signal to go through. The panel will beep once it has recognized the signal. Then press and hold the button a second time. The panel will beep twice and display the Serial Number. Then press and hold the button a third time. The panel will beep three times, and you will be taken back to the previous screen.

3. Configure the settings. Go through and adjust each setting as needed. The Serial Number should be already set after completing Step 2. Remember that Smoke/heat detection, freeze detection and maintenance all use the Serial Number listed on the device. Meanwhile, CO detection and end of product life detection use a Serial Number that is one digit higher.

Set the Loop Number to 1 if the zone is for smoke/heat detection or CO detection. Set it to 2 for maintenance of end of product life. Set it to 3 for freeze detection. Loop Number 4 is not enrolled to a zone.

Use the Zone Descriptors to name the zone. We recommend choosing a name you will recognize, like "Basement Smoke" or "Master Bedroom Carbon".

Set the Device Type to "Smoke Detector" if the zone is for smoke/heat detection. Set it to "Carbon Monoxide Detector" for CO detection. Set it to "Temperature" for freeze detection. Set it to "Other" for maintenance.

Set the Response Type to either "Fire with Verification" or "Fire no Verification" for the smoke/heat zone. Set it to "Carbon Monoxide" for CO detection. Set it to "24-Hr. Auxiliary" for freeze detection. Set it to "Trouble", "Day/Night" or "24-Hr. Auxiliary" for maintenance.

Choose "Yes" for both Alarm Report and Supervision.

Press "Save" in the bottom-right corner to finish.

4. Program the other zones. Go through and repeat the process for all of the other functions you will be using with the 5800COMBO. If you do not want the device to be used for a particular function, then you do not need to program that zone. Once you have saved each zone, keep pressing the return arrow in the upper right corner until you return to the main screen.

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