How do I register a Sim Card on the 2Gig GoControl?

End users do not register SIM cards for cellular communicators on the 2GIG GoControl security system. When you enroll in service with an alarm company they will activate the SIM card or in the case of Verizon just activate service on the module using the unique identifier. In some cases, the SIM cards are even pre-activated from the factory. If they are pre-activated then the or Telguard dealer will simply register the communication modules on the server level using communication ID numbers listed on the module. Otherwise the dealer will activate the SIM and require someone on site to issue a reboot (remove battery and AC power) on the GoControl panel before registering it on the server. This is the case for all the 2GIG compatible cellular radios including the most popular GCCDMV-A (Verizon) and GC3GA-A (AT&T) which communicate all signals through

There is never a case when an end user would be required to activate a SIM card or use their own SIM. In fact, the cellular communicators come equipped with everything you will need. Simply sign up for service and the alarm company will take care of the rest. Furthermore, we offer free remote programming assistance for customers that enroll in our no contract monitoring service. offers a web portal where we can program the GoControl panel using the cellular communications after they are activated. This can helpful on the front end when first installing the system and/or maintaining and upgrading sensors along the way.

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