How Do I Reset a DSC Impassa to Factory Defaults?

You can reset a DSC Impassa to factory defaults by first unplugging the AC transformer and disconnecting the battery to cut power. Then connect a jumper between inputs IO1 and IO2. Power up the panel, wait 10 seconds and power down. Then disconnect the jumper, and power the system back on.

Dsc scw457aatnt front openPerforming a factory default will restore all system settings to their default. It will also restore the Master Code to 1234 and the Installer Code to 5555. All zones that have been set up with the system will need to be reprogrammed, and all sensors will need to be relearned.

Complete the following steps to perform a factory default on a DSC Impassa Alarm System:

1. Power down the system. Start by opening up the DSC Impassa System. To do this, use a small screwdriver to press in the two bottom tabs on the front of the panel. Then carefully separate the front of the panel from the back. Disconnect the backup battery by unplugging it. Then unplug the AC transformer from the wall outlet. This will power down the system.

2. Apply the jumper. Connect a jumper between inputs IO1 and IO2. These inputs are shown in the picture below:

3. Perform the default. Plug in the AC transformer to power the system back on. Wait at least 10 full seconds. Then unplug the transformer to power the system back down. This should factory default the system.

4. Confirm the default. Disconnect the jumper. Then reapply AC power. Check and confirm that the system has been restored to its factory default settings. If it has, reconnect the backup battery, and close the panel. It the default failed, repeat the process and try again.

An easy way to check if the default went through is to try using the default Installer Code to access programming. Press [*8] on the main screen. The screen will display "Enter Your Installers Code". Enter in the default code of 5555. If the system displays "Enter Section", then the factory default was successful. If it says the code was invalid, then the default failed to go through.

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I'm not sure about your monitoring situation, but if your Impassa is using an communicator, we have monitoring plans available that you could use, if interested.
Great! We've written a new FAQ detailing this process as well.
Thank you very much that worked very nicely!
I got some additional information from DSC today. The Impassa can support up to 4 external keypads. They are enabled/disabled in "zone" 201, 202, 203, and 204 respectively. So, if this is the only external keypad the process should be [*] + [8] + [5555] + [804] + [201] + [0's until the SN is deleted] then [#] until you exit programming.
I would imagine if you power down the keypad for a period of time (and I assume you have at least 1 wired keypad on the system) that the zone it's associated with should come up and show a trouble based on the lack of the keypad checking in. Then you'd know which zone to remove. I can't honestly answer the 2nd question off the top of my head.
Also I have another question. If I was to reset the entire impassa by the jumper method would that unenroll the wtk5504 arming station?
What zone would it be on? I know you have to do *8 + 5555 but what would the zone number be for that keypad
You delete it by deleting the zone it's on: [*8] + [Installer Code] + [804] + [3-digit zone number] + [enter 0s for the ID number to clear the zone] + [#] until you exit. If you'll be enrolling to another DSC Impassa you can follow <a href="">these steps</a>.
So I have a dsc impassa system. I also have the dsc wtk5504 wireless arming station. I want to know how to erase that arming station off of my current panel and then enroll it on to the new panel.
Kaitlyn, in this case, a jumper is a short piece of wire or other metal (a good metal paper clip might work, for example). The goal is to put a metal short circuit between the two terminals indicated.
What is a jumper?
This is correct, 6321 is also a fairly common installer code used by ADT.
Note: ADT installer code may be different. We purchased house w/ADT installed Impassa system that was no longer on contract. No documentation. No codes. Performed the reset shown above (thanks Alarm Grid) but the Installer code 5555 did NOT work. Scoured the web and tried code 6321 which DOES work (at least for me).

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