How Do I Reset My 2GIG GC3 To Factory Defaults?

The 2GIG GC3 control panel offers two ways to reset the panel to factory defaults; Soft and Hard resets.

Selecting the Soft reset, allows users to choose specific areas to reset back to the factory defaults. Users can select a single zone, key fob or a keypad to set back to default using the Soft reset.

Selecting the Hard reset will reset ALL programming settings back to the factory defaults. A hard reset actually erases all programmed settings for zones, key fobs and keypads. So be sure that resetting all devices back to factory defaults is wanted, or select the soft reset.

To Soft reset the 2GIG GC3, press System Settings from the Home Screen> enter the four digit installer code (the 2GIG default installer code is 1561) > press Installer Toolbox > press Restore Defaults. A menu will appear with a list. Select the areas to be reset. Selections are Zones, Console, Users, Z-Wave and Network. Users can select more than one at a time if needed.

Once the area/areas are selected, press “Restore To Defaults” and the system will restart.

To Hard reset the 2GIG GC3 back to factory defaults, press System Settings from the Home Screen > enter the four digit installer code > press Installer Toolbox > Panel Programming > Q2, Lock Installer Programming > select either No Access or Limited Access > Q3, Lock Default Programming > select Allow Resets of All Defaults > power down your 2GIG GC3 completely by removing the transformer from the outlet and disconnecting the panel battery > power the system back up by first reconnecting the battery, then plug the transformer back into the outlet > as soon as the Home and Emergency buttons start to flash, hold them both down at the same time > the lights will flash faster once registered > when the control panel’s touch screen appears > release both the Home and Emergency buttons.

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