How do I reset the L5100-ZWAVE in my LYNX System?

In order to set the L5100-ZWAVE automation controller to factory defaults you will need to do the following. Go into the 'Automation' section on your Honeywell LYNX Touch home screen. Click the down key followed by 'Tools' then 'Exclude Devices.' The first step to resetting the controller is to exclude any included Z-Wave devices. When you are in exclusion mode, click the ID button on each enrolled Z-Wave node to remove it from the memory of the controller.

After the devices have been removed go back into the Tools menu and click 'Advanced Tools.' Then enter your master or installer code, either will work. Click 'Reset Controller' and you should see a popup message saying, "This will delete all nodes and generate a new home ID." Click 'Yes' to execute the reset. After the controller is reset, click OK. Next you will need to click the back arrow and begin including devices one at a time.

We recommend you start with the closest device. Z-Wave technology uses a mesh network which allows each node (device) on the network to repeat signals back to the controller. Z-Wave devices can make up to 4 total jumps before reaching the brain (LYNX). It is important to give the system at least 3 minutes between the inclusion of each device. This gives the controller time to calculate the most efficient path back to the brain. You may experience latency issues and/or failures if you try to test a newly added Z-Wave device before it has properly settled on its route back to the panel. Just be patient and add each Z-Wave device one at a time.

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