How Do I Reset the Polling Loop Smoke Detector on a VISTA 128BPT?

A reset is not required for the 5193SD/SDT on the 128BPT. In an effort to draw as little current as possible, the 5193SD and 5193SDT polling loop smoke detectors do not contain sounders. They do have LEDs, but on the 128BPT panel, the red LED will not latch when the smoke goes into alarm.

On the 128BPT, polling loop smokes can be used on any partition. The 5193SD/SDT are smart, serial number polling loop devices, and they must be programmed as such. When programming each of these zones, the question for "Smart Contact" must be answered as "1" or "Yes".

These smokes constantly monitor their own sensitivity, and they can adapt to environmental factors, such as dust build-up, to a certain point. Once they have reached their adjustment limits, they will indicate this on both the alarm keypad and at the central station (if monitored) that they are experiencing either a "high sensitivity" or a "low sensitivity" condition. This is sometimes referred to as the "clean me" feature. The LED lights on each smoke also change their pattern to indicate certain conditions.

The chart below shows what the LED lights will do in different situations:


Green LED


Power Up

Blink 10 Seconds

Blink 10 Seconds

Normal (Standby)

Blink 10 Seconds

Off ✱

Out of Sensitivity


Blink 5 Seconds

Heat Sensor Trouble (SDT)


Blink 10 Seconds

Smoke/Thermal Alarm


Flashes at 1 second intervals until smoke clears

✱ Note: The Red LED may flash once every 60 - 75 seconds as part of the host control panel’s basic supervision outline

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