How do I use a 5834-4 as 8-button fob on a VISTA panel?

In order to activate all 8 loops on the Honeywell 5834-4 key fob, we will need to program 8 zones using 2 different serial numbers. All of this will be done in zone programming under the *56 menu (Installer Code + 800 + *56). The first 4 key fob zones should be programmed normally using the serial number located on the back of the fob or auto-enroll by pressing and holding a single button for 3 seconds when you are in the serial number field. The last 4 zones you can manually input the serial number as a single digit higher than what is listed on the fob (i.e. xxxxxx1 > xxxxxx2) or you can auto-enroll by pressing and holding any two buttons together.

The first 4 buttons are easy to program since the icons match the default function (i.e. closed padlock should be set to zone type 21: armed away). The second 4 button key settings that are mapped to serial number 2 require double button presses. For example, Loop 3 will require a double button press of Button A (closed padlock) and Button C (person inside the home). Be sure to match the proper loop to the desired response type. See page 36 of the VISTA-15P/20P Programming Guide for breakdown of response types. The 5834-4 Programming Guide uses a combination of loops and buttons which can be very confusing. I have a chart below that may be helpful.

First 4-Button Key Fob - Serial #1 (Single Button Press)

Loop 1: Button D = Large red asterisk (lower right) > Zone Type 06, 07 or 23

Loop 2: Button B = Open padlock (top right) > Zone Type 22

Loop 3: Button A = Closed padlock (top left) > Zone Type 21

Loop 4: Button C = Person inside the home with small asterisk (lower left) > Zone Type 20

Second 4-Button Key Fob - Serial #2 (Double Button Press)

Loop 1: Buttons A + B = Closed padlock (top left) + Open padlock (top right)

Loop 2: Buttons C + D = Person inside the home with small asterisk (lower right) + large red asterisk (lower right)

Loop 3: Buttons A + C = Closed padlock (top left) + person inside the home with small asterisk (lower left)

Loop 4: Buttons B + D = Open padlock (top right) + large red asterisk (lower right)

If you would like to enable a panic button, simply assign Zone Type 07 (24 hr Audible), Type 06 (24 hr Silent), or Type 23 (No Response) to whichever loop matches the buttons you wish to use. Keep in mind, that Loop 1 is a single button press (A) with serial #1 and a double press (A + B) with serial #2. After you have programmed each zone with the proper serial number, loop and zone type, you will need to map a user code to the fob.

Mapping a user code is what authorizes the key fob to communicate with the alarm system. On the bottom of right of the 5834-4 Installation Manual, there is a series of keystrokes that will map a user to the fob. You will want to be out of programming mode and enter the following on the keypad: Enter 4-digit Master Code + 8 + User Number (i.e. 02 for master code) + [# 4] + two digit zone number assigned to the fob.

If you programmed the first serial number to zones 49-52 and the second serial number to zones 53-56, here is what you would do: Master Code + 8 + 02 + #4 + 49. Then Master Code + 8 + 02 + #4 + 53. You only to map a user to the first zone of each fob. This will tie the user to that serial number. The programming above mapped both keypads to user 02 which is the master code.

**Please note: Fobs mapped to a guest code or installer code can only disarm when their code was used to arm on that specific armed cycle. In other words, they are unable to disarm when any other user has armed.**

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