How Do I Get An L5200 To See A High-Security 5834-4?

On the alarm control panel, press, Security, then More, then Tools. Enter the Installer Code (default installer code is 4112) press Test then Go/No Go Test.

Once active in the go/no go test mode, press and hold all buttons on the keyfob except for the panic button until the panel beeps twice.

Once the panel beeps, press and hold off on the key fob to disarm the system and clear the go/no go test mode.

If there a red flashing LED when the keyfob is pressed and held, the key fob is setup in high security mode which means that it is using encrypted RF signals. If it flashes green it is disabled. In order to enable HS mode on the L5200 please do the following:

Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (Default is 4112) > Test > Go No Go Test

Once in this mode, "Go-No-Go Test - Home to Quit" on the top of the panel in yellow will be displayed. Press and hold the arm away (closed padlock icon), disarm (open padlock and arm stay (person inside of the home) buttons simultaneously until the panel beeps. This will put the panel into HS mode allowing the key fob to function properly. After HS mode has been enabled, press the Home button beneath the touchscreen on the L5200. This will take the system out of No-Go-No Test mode. Then test the key fob by pressing and holding a command for 3 seconds.

**Beware the panel makes a loud noise to confirm arming/disarming. Step away from the panel to save your ears. This is a feature designed to inform you that the key fob executed the command when you are outside the home. To disable this setting simply go back into programming and selection the Sounder field. Then "Arm Confirm" to 'None."

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