How Do I Test My 2GIG SMKT3-345?

You can test your 2GIG SMKT3-345 by using the test button on the main portion of the device. You must hold the button down for four beeps, which is about six seconds. This is used for testing the sounder, LED lights and transmitter. But smoke and heat detection must be tested manually.

2gig smkt3 345 wireless smoke heat and freeze detector

Note: Before testing your 2GIG SMKT3-345 Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector, make sure to put your system on test mode with the central station to avoid setting off any false alarms. You must do this regardless of which testing method you use. There are three different testing methods to choose from. If any test fails, consider performing maintenance or replacing the sensor. More information regarding maintenance can be found in the device's manual.

To test for smoke detection, light a cotton wick or a cotton ball on fire and allow the resulting smoke to enter the vents on the device. The device should cause an alarm. Alternatively, you can use canned smoke to complete this test.

To test for heat detection, use a hair dryer rated at 1,000 to 1,500 watts. Hold the hair dryer 12 inches away from the sensor, while the hair dryer is operating at its highest setting. The sensor should recognize the heat and cause an alarm. Remember that the sensor must detect a temperature of 125°F or higher before it will activate.

The 2GIG SMKT3-345 has a test button that is used for testing its sounder, LED lights and transmitter. You can see the test button in the following diagram:

Complete the following steps to test the SMKT3-345 using the test button:

1. Press the test button. Locate the test button on the SMKT3-345. Continue to hold it for four beeps, which should take about six seconds.

2. Release the test button. Release the test button after the fourth beep. The sensor will then operate as though an alarm has occurred.

3. Confirm the test. The sensor should beep five more times following a successful test. The device's LED lights should illuminate to indicate that they are working. An alarm notification should appear on your alarm system. No dispatch should occur as long as you put your system on test mode with the monitoring station prior to performing the test.

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