How Do I Test My 521BXT Smoke Detector for Proper Function?

You can test the 521BXT smoke and heat detector for proper function by using canned smoke to test its smoke detection and a hair dryer to test its heat detection. A successful test will be indicated by an alarm sounding at the alarm panel. You should test the 521BXT at least once per year.

Before testing for smoke or heat detection, you should make sure that the ESL 521BXT smoke and heat detector is powered on. This will be indicated by a solid LED light on the device. You should also contact your alarm monitoring company and have them put your system on test mode before you attempt to test the detector.

Whether you are testing for smoke or testing for heat, a loud siren emitting from the alarm panel will indicate that the test was successful. After the test is complete, make sure that you reset the detector by clearing the alarm on the security panel. This can be done by disarming the panel twice using any active user code.

The actual steps for testing the 521BXT for smoke or heat will vary slightly. We recommend using canned smoke in order to conduct the smoke detection test. The SDI SOLOA4 is an excellent canned smoke product for testing the 521BXT. When conducting the heat detection test, a hair dryer set to its maximum setting will usually provide enough heat to set off the alarm.

In the event that your 521BXT smoke and heat detector fails the smoke detector test provided above, a simple cleaning may resolve the issue. A dirty detector can make the device less sensitive to the presence of smoke. By cleaning the 521BXT and removing any dirt and debris found inside the device and in its optical chamber, you may be able to improve the functionality of the detector. If the 521BXT fails the heat detector test, wait 5 minutes then try the test again, if it still fails, replace the device.

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