How do I turn off a 2Gig GoControl’s Siren?

The only way to disable to alarm siren on the 2GIG Go!Control is to physically disconnect the speaker wire from the board. There is a small screw on the top of the panel that must be removed in order to open the panel. Then the panel will pop open using a small flathead screwdriver on the two recessed tabs. Open the unit slowly and carefully.

The speaker is located in the top right corner in the photo above. There is a red/black cable running from the speaker to the board. Remove the small white clip from the board. Do not confuse this with the battery leads found in the center of the board! Then close the panel. This eliminate all sound from the panel including chime and voice announcements based on faulted zones. This is the only way to disable the siren in the event of an alarm.

This is a popular method when using auxiliary keypads for control at the entry/exit points. By disabling the sound you can hide the panel from intruders looking to damage the equipment and prevent alarm signals from being sent to the central station!

If you are looking to simply lower volume you can go into the Toolbox menu and entering your master or installer code. The 'Brightness/Volume' selection will allow you to adjust the volume on chime and voice announcements. Also, there is a "disable sounder" setting in the installer toolbox. This is designed to lower the volume on the burglary alarm siren during testing and only lasts for 30 minutes. When initiated the siren will sound for 2 seconds and trigger 4 chirps to any external sounders. If external sounders do not chirp they are not configure properly.

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