How Do I Turn Off Arm-Confirm on a 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System?

You can turn off Arm-Confirm on 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System by setting Question 74 in System Configuration to (0) Disabled. Turning off this option will prevent the system from emitting a loud, brief tone when you Arm or Disarm using a key fob. You must save your changes when finished.

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Arm-Confirm is a setting that tells the GC2 System to produce quick, but loud, tone whenever the user Arms or Disarms with a key fob. The purpose of this setting is to confirm that the Arm or Disarm command went through successfully. Many users appreciate this setting, as they want to know for certain that the arming status for the system was changed. But some users may find the sound to be annoying. Fortunately, they have the option of turning it off. Please note that you will need to know the system's Installer Code to access the System Configuration Menu and adjust the setting.

If you would like to turn off Arm-Confirm on a 2GIG Go!Control, complete the following steps:

1. Enter System Configuration. Begin from the main screen of the 2GIG Go!Control System. Press the 2GIG logo in the bottom-right. Then provide the system's Installer Code. The default Installer Code is 1561. Then choose "System Configuration". You will enter the System Configuration Menu.

2. Adjust the setting. Press the "Go To" button near the right side of the screen in the center. Enter "74". The top of the screen will read "Q74: Select keyfob arm/disarm confirmation (0 to 1)". Enter "0". The white bar below it should read "(0) disabled". This indicates that Arm-Confirm is now disabled.

3. Save your changes. You must save your changes for them to go into effect. Press the "End" button in the bottom-right corner. You will be taken to a summary screen. Make sure the box next to "Save Changes" is checked. Then press "Exit" in the bottom-right corner. The system will reboot to apply and save the changes.

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