How Do I Turn Off the Internal Siren on a L5210?

The L5210's internal siren cannot be fully turned off in programming. The siren must be unplugged from the unit to be shut off completely. When set to “OFF,” it will still sound at a low level. If it's toggled off, it won't re-enable itself, and must be toggled to "ON" for normal operation.

The sounder's settings menu can be found in system programming. The specific setting for the siren is titled “Burglary Alarm Sound.” Other program options available include Burglary Bell Timeout, Fire Bell Timeout, and Arm Confirm. The Burglary Bell Timeout and Fire Bell Timeout settings determine how long the siren will sound in a burglary or fire alarm event. The Arm Confirm setting has the system produce a loud beep when it's armed, based on what this field is set to. For this reason, Arm Confirm is very useful for key fobs. The beep is loud enough to hear outside of the home, and gives a user confirmation that they have successfully armed or disarmed the system.

To lower siren volume in system programming:

  1. Access the siren's programming options. Starting on the home screen, click Security > More > Tools > Enter your Installer Code (the default is 4112) > Program > Press the down arrow on the right hand side of the screen > Sounder. This will load the siren's programmable fields.
  2. Lower the siren. Set the "Burglary Alarm Sound" to "No." This will lower the volume on the burglary alarm sounds. As stated above, there is no way to disable fire or CO alarm sounding. The bell timeouts will tell the system when to disable the alarm sounds after a burglary or fire alarm. Consider any local noise ordinances when setting these timeouts.
  3. Test the siren. Click "Save" in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then go back to the home screen. If your system is monitored, make sure that you have put it on test with a central station before testing the siren. To test the burglary siren, simply set off an audible burglary panic, or arm the system and open a zone to set off an alarm. To test the fire alarm siren, set off a fire panic, or trigger a fire security device that is programmed to the system.

Note: Some older Lynx Touch panels had an exposed cable between the board and the siren that could be physically disconnected. The Lyric is enclosed, and does not offer a way to physically disconnect the speaker wire. We would never recommend the user to do this, especially if there are life safety devices enrolled in the system.

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