How Do I Turn Off the Pet Immunity on My Honeywell 5800PIR-RES?

Pet immunity on the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES is not a feature that can be turned off. Pet immunity is achieved using mounting height, slight differences in the motion lens, and the lack of a look-down element. By changing the way the motion is mounted, you can bypass the pet immunity feature.

The 5800PIR-RES sensor use passive infrared technology in order to detect motion. This means that the sensor responds to changes in infra red energy within its field of view. Because all objects, including inanimate objects such as doors, curtains, and ceiling fans, emit IR energy, motion sensors must be carefully installed to prevent false alarms.

For the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES, the pet immunity feature was designed as a way of instructing the sensor to ignore the presence of pets under 80 pounds. It achieves this by always being mounted at least seven feet above the floor, away from stairs or furniture that pets may climb on to get closer to the motion, and by not looking down at the floor, which is why in installations with pets, it is recommended that the swivel mounting bracket NOT be used.

However, this feature is more "pet friendly" than it is "pet immune". Pets under 80 pounds can still set off if they are able to get close enough to the front of the lens. For example, a dog weighing 60 pounds may still trigger the sensor if it is able to get within 6 feet of the front of the motion by climbing stairs. A sensor that has been placed too close to the floor may also cause it to be more likely to be set off by pets.

In most cases, the pet immunity feature of the 5800PIR-RES does not cause any problems for the user. However, if the user does require a more sensitive motion sensor without pet immunity, they can consider buying a Honeywell 5800PIR motion detector. This motion sensor is very similar to the 5800PIR-RES. However, this detector features programmable loops that offer differing levels of sensitivity. Loop 2 of the 5800PIR is a highly-sensitive mode that will cause the sensor to be set off by a very minimal amount of motion. This makes the 5800PIR a good option for users who require a motion detector with high sensitivity and no pet immunity.

The video below shows you how to walk test the 5800PIR-RES

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