How Do I Turn On My Honeywell LCP500?

You can turn on your Honeywell LCP500 by plugging-in its compatible transformer or by connecting its backup battery. The system will automatically power on once it is receiving power. There is no button for powering on the system. There is also no menu option for powering the system off.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security systemThe LCP500, also called the Lyric Controller, normally receives power from its plug-in DC transformer. If the power goes out, then it will switch over to its backup battery. If there is no backup battery, or if the backup battery is drained, then the system will power off entirely. The system will display a low battery warning when the battery is low to prevent this from happening. Please note that the standard battery will only keep the system powered for up to 4 hours. Honeywell also offers a 24-hour backup battery for the system that will keep the panel powered on for significantly longer.

We also recommend keeping the system connected to its plug-in transformer at all times. The Lyric uses DC power, which means that polarity is important when wiring the system. In most cases, the red wire will go to the positive (+) input, while the black wire will go to the negative (-) input. Failing to follow proper polarity could damage the system or the transformer. The Lyric Panel can connect with its transformer using an standard 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. But to make wiring even easier, a Honeywell LT-Cable can be used instead.

When powering on the system, the user will need to complete the wiring on the back of the panel. This will require opening up the panel. The same is true if the user is connecting the backup battery. The system should power on automatically once it is receiving power from either of these sources. After wiring the power cable and connecting the backup battery, the user should close the system. If anyone removes the back cover while the system is powered on, a tamper trouble will occur. If this happens while the system is armed, it will cause an immediate alarm.

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