How Do I Turn the backlight on on a Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Gateway’s backlight cannot be turned off, though the backlight brightness can be adjusted. To access this programming setting, a user will need to use the MyHome Gateway app. A monitoring company cannot make this change as only an end-user with access to the app can access this setting.

The Lyric Gateway is unique in that it has no display with which to give specific zone information. It can only show and speak armed status, and can provide Voice Chime for zones, if enabled. All of the Gateway’s soft touch buttons are backlit, and the backlight brightness can be adjusted through the MyHome Gateway app. This app is available on the iOS and Android app stores as a free download. After loading the app onto a smartphone or tablet, the user will see step by step prompts on how to connect the device to the Lyric Gateway. In order for this to work, the smartphone or tablet, and the Lyric Gateway must be connected to the same network. For in depth instructions on how to accomplish that, click here.

As stated before, the Gateway cannot have its backlight completely turned off, only adjusted. To access the backlight brightness settings:

Launch the MyHome Gateway app -> Click “Settings” -> The slider for “Panel Brightness” allows you to raise or lower the level. Slide the bar left or right to the desired brightness and click “Save” in the bottom right corner. The panel should immediately update with the change. Because you can’t see the level change until you hit the “Save” button, you may need to use a bit of trial and error to achieve the setting you want.

“Panel Brightness” is one of the few programming options available to a user. The majority of the Lyric Gateway’s system programming can only be accessed by an alarm company through the AlarmNet360 platform. This includes all zone programming, system communication options and most other system settings, such as entry and exit delay.

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