How Do I Use a GE/Interlogix NetworX System w/ a Cellular Communicator?

You can use a GE/Interlogix NetworX System with a cellular communicator by installing a compatible communicator in the panel and then having a monitoring company activate the module. You will need a monitoring plan that offers cellular connectivity, preferably one with access to

Originally, NetworX Panels were sold as GE NetworX Systems. But they later became sold as Interlogix NetworX Systems. These are hardwired panels that have their own set of cellular communicators available. By activating a compatible cellular communicator for a NetworX Panel, you can get the system monitored with a company like Alarm Grid. Since you are going to be using cellular communication with the system, your monitoring plan must include cellular connectivity. The Gold and Platinum Plans (Self or Full) from Alarm Grid are examples of appropriate monitoring plans for a NetworX System using cellular connectivity. For more information on the monitoring plans offered from Alarm Gird, please check our monitoring page.

If you have a NetworX System, you should first determine exactly which type of panel it is. There have been many different models of NetworX Panels sold throughout the years, and the compatible communicators will vary depending on which model you have. If you are having trouble identifying exactly which NetworX Panel you have, then you can email us at, and we will be happy to help you. We will likely ask for pictures of your panel so that we can properly identify the system.

We have some of the different NetworX Panels listed below. Please note that while we are listing them under the Interlogix banner, you might also come across some NetworX Systems still being sold under the GE nameplate.

  • Interlogix NX-4
  • Interlogix NX-6
  • Interlogix NX-8
  • Interlogix NX-4V2
  • Interlogix NX-6V2
  • Interlogix NX-8V2
  • Interlogix NX-8E
  • Interlogix NX-4 APT
  • Interlogix NX-6 APT

Once you have determined which NetworX Panel you have, you can start shopping for a compatible cellular communicator. There are two (2) things you will want to keep in mind. The first is that you will want to get an LTE cellular communicator for the system. In most cases, LTE communicators represent the only type of cellular communicators that can be activated. Since older 3G and CDMA networks are set to be shut down in the coming years, most monitoring platforms like no longer allow activations for 3G and CDMA communicators. Additionally, cellular service providers like AT&T and Verizon have promised to support their respective LTE networks will into the very distant future. This means that getting an LTE communicator for your system can provide a good long-term solution for keeping it monitored.

Second, you must make sure that the communicator you choose is compatible with your specific NetworX Panel. Different NetworX Systems are compatible with different communicator models. You should check the compatibility before purchasing to ensure that the communicator you purchase will work with your NetworX Panel. We sell several different NetworX Communicators on our website, which are listed below.

All of the communicators listed above have three (3) things in common. First, they are all LTE Communicators. Second, they all allow for access to if your monitoring plan includes that service. Third, they all also double as Z-Wave controllers for controlling Z-Wave devices. Since you cannot perform automation functions directly from a NetworX Panel, you will need to perform all automation functions from the platform.

Please note that it's possible that you may have an Interlogix NetworX Panel that is not compatible with any of the aforementioned communicators. If that is the case, then there is still a cellular monitoring option available to you. That is to use a Telguard TG-1 Express Communicator. The TG-1 Express works by taking over the phone line for an alarm panel and having it communicate across a cellular network. The panel will still think that it is dialing out like usual, but the TG-1 Express is taking that phone signal and converting it to cellular. Since the NetworX Panels support phone line communication, you can use them with the TG-1 Express. Please note that if you use a Telguard TG-1 Express, you will not be able to use your Interlogix NetworX Panel with However, you will be able to use your system with the Telguard HomeControl Flex platform instead. If you decide to get monitoring service with Alarm Grid, we can work with you to help you set up a Telguard HomeControl Flex account. It is important to note that you will still need a monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity.

We have two (2) different models of the Telguard TG-1 Express, and they are listed below.

Complete the following steps to add a cellular communicator to your Interlogix NetworX Security System:

1. Get a cellular communicator. You must first obtain a compatible cellular communicator for your Interlogix NetworX Alarm System. You want to make sure that it is an LTE communicator and that it is compatible with the NetworX version you have. Remember that you can contact us at if you need help identifying your NetworX Panel.

2. Install the communicator. Now you must install your new communicator. Power down the panel completely before beginning. You can power down the system by first disconnecting its backup battery, and then unplugging its transformer. Refer to the instruction manual for the communicator to determine how to install the module. Once the module is installed, you can power your system back on. Plug the transformer back in before reconnecting the backup battery.

3. Activate the communicator. You will now need to have the communicator activated by an alarm monitoring company. You should contact the monitoring company you are working with for this process. If you are planning on being monitored by Alarm Grid, then you can sign up for a monitoring plan on our monitoring page (linked earlier in this FAQ). You will need to choose an activation slot for an activator to help you activate your system. Remember, your monitoring plan must include cellular connectivity. Alarm Grid customers must choose a Gold or Platinum Level Plan. Either a Self Plan or a Full Plan will work depending on how you plan to monitor the system.

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