How do I use a Honeywell 5834-4 Wireless Key Fob?

The Honeywell 5834-4 key fob is the most popular key fob in Honeywell's suite of wireless products. The key fob's four-button interface is simple to use and it's 50 foot range make it ideal for those who want to control their security system with the touch of a button.

While you can program each button anyway you want (watch the video at the end here to learn how to program the 5834-4), most people set the 5834-4 up so that the buttons perform the following action:

  1. Upper Left A-button = Arm Away
  2. Upper Right B-button = Disarm
  3. Lower Left C-button = Arm Stay
  4. Lower Right D-button = Panic

In order to perform these actions, a user must hold down a button for two to three seconds. The system will beep informing the user that the button press has been received.

Watch the following video if you'd like to learn how to program the 5834-4 to your system:

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This guide - details rules and scene setup and we can certainly help if you need further assistance. Is your system monitored currently?
excellent! forgive my ignorance, but is there a tutorial on how to create scenes, or can you talk me through the process?
Yes, on the L7000, you can setup a Rule to fire off a Scene based on the key fob's disarm button being pressed and when pressed, the system would disarm and run the scene.
I have a LYNX touch 7000
What alarm system are you using with the 5834-4?
Is it possible to program the 5834 fob so that a single button press both disarms the alarm AND unlocks a Zwave home automation doorlock?
What alarm system do you have?
I currently am using the 5804 key fob and want to purchase a 5834 fob...(my 5804 is so old we cannot attach it to a key ring) so I would like to switch...Can I program the 5834 were I have been using the 5804 fob?
It depends on the keypad(s) you have hooked up to your system and whether or not you can access the panel's programming mode. Are you monitored by any company now?
Bob- I want to buy 5834-4 remotes. will I be able to program them to a vista-21ip system myself?

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