How Do I Walk Test a 2GIG GC2e?

You can Walk Test a 2GIG GC2e by putting the system into its Walk Test mode. You will then be able to perform both a Sensors Test and a Console Test. A complete Walk Test will test for both sensor operation and basic system operation. You can exit the Walk Test once you are finished.

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A Walk Test will let you check and make sure that your system is working properly. The two (2) parts of this complete test are a Sensors Test and a Console Test. The Sensors Test lets you check and make sure that every sensor is communicating with the system properly. The Console Check is used for checking system hardware. Both tests are performed by selecting the Walk Test option within Installer Programming.

It is particularly important to test your motion sensors during a Walk Test. These devices must be mounted properly, or else they will not work as intended. A poorly mounted motion sensor can result in false alarms, or it may not respond properly when someone walks past. These devices can be tested by simply walking around the room and making sure the motion sensors are acknowledged during the test. This is how the test got its name of Walk Test. You might also use a Walk Test with door and window contacts, glass break sensors and smoke detectors.

Note: You must place your system on test mode with the central station before performing a Walk Test. More information can be found here.

To perform a Walk Test on a 2GIG GC2e, complete the following steps:

1. Access Walk Test Menu. Begin from the main panel screen. Make sure the GC2e System is disarmed. Click on the 2GIG logo found in the upper-right. Enter the Installer Code. This code is 1561 by default. Select "Walk Test". You will have accessed the Walk Test Menu.

2. Perform the Sensors Test. First you will perform the Sensors Test. Go around and fault any system sensor that you want to test. For motion sensors, simply walking within the sensor's field of view should do the trick. You might also test Pet Immunity by having your pets walk in front of the motion sensor without you. Glass break sensors should be tested using a glass break simulator. A green bar will be displayed next to any faulted zone to confirm detection. The panel will also emit three (3) beep to provide audible confirmation. Press the OK button at the bottom once you have completed the Sensors

3. Perform the Console Test. The Console Test will automatically begin after you finish the Sensors Test. This will let you test some basic system operations. You should click on each step of the test and choose Yes or No accordingly. Go through the test one step at a time. Once you have finished, press OK to complete the Walk Test.

4. Return to main screen. Once you have exited the Walk Test Menu, you can press the back button in the bottom-left corner to return to the panel home screen.

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