How Do I Wire A Lyric Security System To Power?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller security system is a self contained wireless security system that has a built in WiFi module and Z-Wave module.

Users have 2 options to wire power to a Lyric Controller alarm system.

Using a Lt Cable is the most convenient and easiest way to provide power to the Lyric Controller.

Honeywell has revamped the LT Cable and making it universal to the Lynx Touch panels as well as the Lyric Controller and even the Vista control panels.

The LT Cable now has a pigtail with a DC port adapter. The pigtail has two wires on one end that connect to the 9VDC and GND on the far right side of the terminal board. The opposite end of the DC cable adapter had a receptacle that connects to the plug on the power supply.

The LT Cable is 8 feet long and is ideal when using a desk mount. If a desk mount is used there is an opening in the middle to route the LT Cable through so the controller will sit properly. Using both the desk mount and LT Cable is great for users who do not want to put any holes in walls. The Lyric Controller can be easily moved from room to room placing it on a counter or end table or nightstand.

Users also have the option to purchase wire, measure, cut, splice and connect to the power supply and the panel. If you're running your own wire, you'll need to stay within the listed wire length/gauge limits 22 gauge is limited to 8' and 18 gauge is limited to 20'.

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Yeah I must be overestimating by eye.. Lost my tape measure again, I bought some 18 gauge and I should be closer than twenty feet. Thank you for responding.
18 Gauge wire is the recommended wire, anything thicker may not fit with the screw terminals. Honeywell specifies a maximum 20' run when using 18 gauge.
So would 14 gauge be good for about 30 ft?
The Lyric panel comes with the proper power supply, but as you say, no wires for it. You can purchase the LT-Cable, or you can run your own 2 conductor wire, but there are strict wire run limits, based on distance and wire gauge, as shown above.
Still not sure where the power comes from. Is it a separate power supply that you purchase? I know you need a cable to wire to the board.

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