How Do I Wire a SkyBell Video Doorbell?

You can wire a SkyBell Video Doorbell by stripping your existing doorbell wires, loosening the screw terminals on the Skybell mounting plate, wrapping the wires around the terminals and then screwing them into place. The SkyBell device itself can then be added on top of the mounting plate.

When installing the SkyBell DBCAM HD Video Doorbell, you will start by removing your existing doorbell. There should be two wires that attach to the doorbell. You will use these wires to connect your SkyBell Video Doorbell. They will go into the screw terminals on the mounting plate for the device. Wiring the doorbell is just one step for installing the device.

You can wire the SkyBell Video Doorbell by completing the following steps:

1. Turn off the power. You will want to first turn off the power for your doorbell to prevent any electrical issues from occurring. You can do this from the circuit breaker inside your home.

2. Strip the wires. Once you have removed the previous doorbell and disconnected it, you should notice two wires. You will want to strip these wires to expose about an inch of copper. Use a wire-stripper to carefully complete this process.

3. Apply the wires. With the SkyBell mounting plate correctly installed and the doorbell wires running through the center, you will notice two wire terminals on the left side of the mounting plate. Loosen these terminals so that the wires can be installed. Take one of the stripped wires, and wrap the exposed copper around one of the terminals. Then screw the terminal into place to support the wire. Then do the same for the other wire at the other terminal. You will want the wires to be firmly screwed in, but you do not need to screw them down as tightly as possible. Gently tug on the wires to make sure that they are securely connected.

4. Finish installing the device. From here, you can finish installing the SkyBell Video Doorbell. The SkyBell device will be applied over the mounting plate, and a set screw at the bottom of the mounting plate will ensure that it is kept nice and secure. Once it has been installed, you can return power to the doorbell and set up the device with the SkyBell app on your phone.

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