How do you activate chimes on a LYNX Touch?

Chime mode is a feature that alerts you when any protected perimeter door or window is opened when your LYNX Touch alarm control panel is in the disarmed state. With chime mode toggled on, any opened door or window programmed as a perimeter zone will cause the alarm control panel to beep three times and announce the zone descriptor of the opened zone if a zone descriptor has been programmed for that zone. The LYNX Touch alarm control panel will also display all of the opened (or faulted) perimeter zones so you know which zones need to be closed before arming the security system.

The process for turning chime mode on or off is the same with the Honeywell L5000 and Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch alarm control panels. First the LYNX Touch alarm control panel must be disarmed. Next, select the 'Settings' icon on the home screen of the touch screen display. The LYNX Touch will then display the settings screen. Touch the 'On/Off' icon next to the word 'Chime' to toggle between on or off. Make sure to press the 'Save' button to confirm your selection.

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When you go in and out of programming on some panels, the chime feature gets toggled off. From the Home screen, go to settings, and be sure "Chime" has a green circle next to it. If it does not then the feature is toggled off. Simply touch the button for Chime, and it will be toggled on.
Hi! Chimes for all sensors work in a walk test but none of them work in normal mode. This happened after I tried to change the chime sound on one of the sensors. They were all working flawlessly before.

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