How Do You Activate Chime On A 2GIG GC3?

The 2GIG GC3 alarm system has a built in speaker which can provide chime notifications.

Activating chime is the final step when programming a new wireless or hardwired sensor. Users have the option to keep it disabled, voice only, chime only or chime and voice.(please refer to the 2GIG GC3 install manual for complete zone programming instructions).

To enable the chime during programming a new sensor > when prompted, select a chime > Highlight Sensor Chime > select from the chime choice from the menu to the right > if all sensors have been programmed > select back to zones > confirm changes screen > save.

Users can disable or enable the chime on an already programmed sensor, by logging into the installer toolbox. To log into the installer toolbox tap the 2GIG logo on the top right corner of the home screen > enter the 4 digit installer code, the default installer code is 1561 > tap Installer Toolbox > System Configuration > select either Wireless Zones or Wired Zones > select the zone > edit > select sensor chime > select voice only, chime only or chime and voice > return to system configuration > save

Temporarily disabling chime on all zones can also be done by adjusting the volume via the Sounds menu.

To adjust the chime volume, tap the System Settings from the Home screen > Master Code or Installer Code > Sounds >Voice and Chime > press and move to the left to lower the volume, or to the right to raise the volume > tap left facing arrow when the desired volume is reached to save.

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