How Do You Add a 5828 Keypad to the 2GIG GC3?

A 5828 keypad will not work with the 2GIG GC3. However, there are other external keypads that can be used as a secondary point of control for the 2GIG GC3 system. Some of the keypads that are designed to function with the 2GIG GC3 include the 2GIG PAD1-345, the 2GIG SP1 and the 2GIG SP2.

Although most 5800 Series wireless devices will function with the 2GIG GC3, the 5828 keypad is a rare exception to this rule. This is because the 5828 keypad uses bi-directional communication, and in addition to sending commands to the panel, it also must receive status information from the panel. Since the GC3 system cannot send a recognizable signal back to the 5828, the keypad cannot be used with the GC3.

Instead, there are other keypads that are designed for use with the 2GIG GC3. Both the 2GIG SP1 and SP2 are touchscreen keypads that will function with the GC3. The SP2 is only used for arming and disarming the panel and sending distress signals, while the SP1 can be used in virtually the same manner as the GC3 itself, even being able to access system programming.

For a more cost-effective solution, the PAD1-345 is a push button keypad that can also be added to the GC3. The PAD1-345 can arm and disarm the panel, as well as send outbound alerts to a central monitoring station. Up to four compatible wireless keypads of any type can be added to a single GC3 system.

Complete the following steps to pair an SP2 with a 2GIG GC3:

  1. Access the system pairing screen. From the home screen of the GC3, choose System Settings > enter the installer code (the default code is 1561) > Installer Toolbox > System Pairing. The panel will now be on the system pairing screen.
  2. Connect the SP2 to WIFI. Upon powering up the SP2 for the first time, the keypad will load to the network selection screen. Click on the desired WIFI network, and enter in its network key. The SP2 must be connected to the same WIFI network as the GC3 in order to function with the panel.
  3. Connect the SP2 with the GC3. On the GC3, click the “Pair Device +” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. On the SP2, click the “Pair Device Settings” button on the “Pairing with Panel failure” prompt that appears. This is shown below:

    Click the checkmark on the next menu that appears. The GC3 system’s IP address will be displayed, as shown in the following picture:

    Select the checkmark button on the bottom right. The keypad should say “connecting to panel”. The next menu on the keypad will be titled “Enter the Pairing Key from the Master Panel”. Click the checkmark on this menu without entering a pairing key. If successful, the keypad will interface with the system.
  4. Test the SP2. Click the checkmark on the prompt that is presented on the GC3. Click the back arrow on the left side of the screen until the system is back on the home screen. The keypad will arm and disarm the system in the same way as the actual GC3 panel. Click the "arm stay" or "arm away" button on the keypad, and then enter a valid user code. If the keypad was properly paired with the system, it will arm the GC3.

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