How do you add a 5828 Keypad to the L5200?

There are two 5828 secondary keypads that are compatible with the L5200. The standard 5828 and the 5828V. They are both similar. The difference? The 5828V has a microphone in the top right corner which allows the 5828V to talk.

To add the 5828 or 5828V keypad to the L5200, a House ID must be set in the main panel (L5200). To set the House ID number: press the "Security" icon, then "More", than "Tools". Enter the installer code (Honeywell's factory default installer code is 4112) and press "Program". Press "System Type", "RF Code" - enter any 2 (two) digit code of choice - press "Done" then "Save".

After the House ID is set and before programming, the 5828/5828V keypad needs to “wake up". To wake up the keypad, press and hold the star key. To get into programming, press the numbers 1 (one) and 3 (three) simultaneously on the keypad and hold for five seconds. The display will show alternating double zeros (00) and double dashes (--). Now assign the keypad to the panel by entering the number 1 to set the House ID , enter the House ID (the 2 (two) digit number which was assigned) and press "Star (*)". Double zeros will appear again. Enter the number 2 (two),  (the number 2 (two) is for wireless communication). Press "Star (*)" to confirm the setting. This will bring back the double zero (00), double dash (--). Press the "Star" key. The keypad should show AC and Chime and the system will now be ready to arm.

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Hello Frank, Apparently the alarm company gave our system a special programming code and once I had that, I was able to get the 5828 working. Thanks for your response I really do appreciate it!
Sounds like you are using the installer code (default 4112) instead of the master code (default 1234). They are two different menus. The master programming menu is where you need to be. Master programming will show "Users" on the top left, not "Program" like it will for installer programming.
I have a 573F- LYNXTOUCH2 (L5100) and just purchased the 5828. I followed the directions quoted above but my main panel does not take me to the programming screen. What am I doing wrong? My main panel was purchased in 2013. Thanks.
No, unfortunately, the wireless keypads (5828 and 5828V) don't offer the ability to adjust the chime or alarm volume.
For a Honeywell 5828 (the non-talking version, not the 'V' model) is there a way to turn down the chime volume? The single electronic tone is quite loud. Short of turning the chime feature 'off' on the L5200, it wasn't obvious how to deal with this. Thanks.
Brandon, there doesn't appear to be a way to do this. If you had the 5828V, the voice can be disabled via programming in the keypad, but whether or not it chimes is determined by whether or not the system is in chime mode. You could probably disconnect the internal speaker and make it completely silent if you wanted to, then it wouldn't chime or make any other noise.
Is there any way to disable the chime in the 5828 but keep it on my Lynx 5200?
Any user codes programmed in the L5200 will also work from the 5828V wireless keypad. If you want to use the one touch arming, you need to set that option from the 5828V keypad programming and then also program an available panel user code to the 5828V.
Just had an alarm system installed with the L5200 unit. We have a pet sitter and I would like to give her a separate user code to disable the alarm. Does adding a user on the L5200 also add the same user on the 5828V automatically?

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