How do you change an alarm code on Honeywell LYNXR-2?

While the Honeywell LYNXR-2 wireless alarm control panel is discontinued and no longer in production, many homes may still have a LYNXR-2 installed. While we would highly recommend upgrading your existing LYNXR-2 to the new L5210 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel, which would work with all of your existing 5800 series wireless sensors, you may want to continue to use what is there already. Unfortunately, more often than not, when you buy a house that already has a home security system, you may not have the information needed to operate the system. Without a valid master code, you will not be able to arm or disarm your LYNXR-2 wireless alarm control panel.

There are two ways to set a new master code, which is user code number (02). The first option requires you to know the current master code and in this example is not that relevant. However, if you happen to know the existing master code, you press the current (4) digit master code followed by the 'Code' key which is the [8] key. Then press [02] and enter a new (4) digit master code. You must enter the new (4) digit master code a second time to finalize the code change.

Existing Master Code + [8] + [02] + [New Code] + [New Code]

If you don't know the current master code, the only way to change the code is by using the installer code. You would enter the (4) digit installer code followed by the 'Code' key and [02] and then enter the new desired (4) digit master code. In this scenario, you only have to enter the new master code once.

Installer Code + [8] + [02] + [New Master Code]

Of course, you may not know the installer code either. If that's the case you can power down the LYNXR-2 wireless alarm control panel by removing the internal battery backup and unplugging the transformer, you can then enter programming mode by powering the system back up and, within (50) seconds, pressing the [*] and [#] keys together. Field (20) will be displayed. If you press the [#] [20], the current (4) digit installer code will be displayed as (4) sequential (2) digit hexadecimal numbers. For example, if the Installer Code is (4110), it will display (04) beep, (01) beep, (01) beep, (00) beep, beep, beep. The triple beep lets you know this is the final entry in the field. If you want to change the installer code, press [*] [20] and enter a new 4 digit code. You'll ear a beep after each digit you enter, and a triple beep after the final digit. Once you've noted or changed the Installer Code, press *99 to exit programming mode, and then use the installer code to change the master code. If you had to power down to enter programming, be sure the battery is reconnected once you're finished.

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The 103 error means that you have a communication issue. Is your panel monitored?
Thank you, I tried that but I think that just changes the chime when opening or closing a door? I'm referring to the beeps that I believe I should hear when entering my new code. I'm also getting a Fault 103. I tried replacing the battery but still am seeing it. Could the fault be for a battery in one of the sensors or motion detector?
When you go in and out of programming it disables the sound. You have to enter your Master Code + 9 to enable it again.
I was able to enter programming mode and change my installer code, but am not hearing any beeps at all. I see the numbers on the screen, but no sound. Is there something that I don't have plugged in properly?
Is the system currently disarmed? Assuming it is, your issues could be that you are entering the wrong installer code or that you are entering a new master code that is already in use as the installer code, master code or sub user code. To verify if you are using the right installer code, you can press the code you think it is followed by 800 and you should see Installer Code 20 on the screen. If you do, hit *99 to exit programming and then you at least know you are using the right installer code. There is no way to "view" all programmed codes so the next thing to try would be to try setting the master code to a different 4-digit code than you tried originally. You could also try entering the code you are trying to make the new master code followed by 3 to see if the system arms to stay. If it does, that would confirm that code you are trying to make the master code is already one of the codes programmed.
I'm trying to reset master code on lynx-2. I did follow instructions by entering installer code, 8, 02 and then new master code and don't hear any beep. I tried to enter new master code twice as well and still NO beeping sound that indicates that system changed to a new one. What am I doing wrong and why it's not working?
You would have to disconnect the wires going to the AC terminals inside the unit (not recommended since the wires would be live with the transformer plugged in) or locate the transformer plugged into the standard wall outlet and unplug the unit.
I just moved in a new house which has a lynx-2, and was beeping.. by pressing # STAY, it armed the system. I can walk freely in the house but cannot open any exits. I have no codes. From what I have been reading here, I open up the panel and disconnect the battery, but can't seem to find the AC adapter, How can I turn system completely off? Please advise asap.
This tip worked for me!!! I kept unplugging the system, replugging and hearing a short alarm, then holding * and #, then typing the # and nothing happened, Typing #20 gave me the numbers 00,05,05,06. I was then able to reset the code or keep current code. Thanks so much!
I would try fully powering the system down by disconnecting the battery and unplugging the transformer from the wall and then powering it back up to see if the LCD display comes back on.
Yes, we can arm the system. It still chimes when the doors open. The display is totally blank, shows nothing.
Are you able to arm the system? When you open a door or window, does the display show the faulted zone?
I have a honywell lynxr-2 series alarm system that i just changed the back up battery in. When all was said and done the LCD dispaly is blank. I was able to get the zones back running but thendispay is still blank. Any ideas to help me out please? ,
Thanks for your prompt response. Sad to know there is nothing I can do, but good is I will stop investing any my time there for finding a solution then :).
If you have a programmed key fob, you could use that to disarm the system. If you don't have a key fob, you would need to know your master code or a valid user code to disarm the system. If you don't know those codes, brute forcing the code by trying all codes from 0000-9999 would probably be your only option at this point.
Hi Sterling, I recently moved into a new house, which had this Honeywell 5100 Security System installed. I don't have the master code or the installer code, I armed stay the system using "QuickArm" but now I am unable to disarm the system. Is there any way, I can disarm the system from touch panel or inside the control panel, and reset the master code & installer code. And I don't see * and # keys on the keypad, so your above instruction doesn't apply to this device. Its a non-monitored system, and I keep it powered off (no battery no adapter supply) so it doesn't blow annoying alarm all the time.
Try powering down (by disconnecting the battery inside the unit and unplugging the wall transformer). Then, power back up and press and hold * and # together. That should get you into programming and it will show Installer Code 20. Finally, press *42*, *43* and *99. That will turn off the monitoring field and exit programming so you can use the system locally.
Im renting a house that has the Lynxr-1, which has the APX logo - APX being no longer in operation. I was able to change the master code but it keeps faulting due still being set up to communicate with the monitoring company. Supposedly there is a way to disable that but I haven't found any clear instructions. I cannot change the panel since I am renting, but I would at least like to get it running locally, since the house is set up pretty well with sensors.
You have to press #20 and then it will display the installer code as four different 2-digit numbers which equate to your installer code. Give that a try.
I just bought a home with the LYNXR-2, and no code was handed over to me. I tried to get the current master code by following your instructions above. I got the (20) field and pushed # but no number appeared.
Try powering down your panel (remove battery and transformer) and then while pressing * and # on the keypad, power back up. If you get into programming mode, you would then be able to view your installer code and change the programming option for "Power Up In Previous State". If you set field 39 to 0 the system will always power up in the disarmed state and then you can power cycle the panel to disarm it. With it disarmed, and knowing your installer code, you could then set a new master code to use your system.
Re: "Without a valid master code, you will not be able to arm or disarm your LYNXR-2 wireless alarm control panel" That's not true, I just armed mine without knowing the master code, now I really wish I knew how to disarm it.

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