How do I change the address in the Honeywell 5828V?

While nearly all Honeywell alarm keypads must be addressed to an available device address within the programming of the alarm control panel used with the keypad, the Honeywell 5828V wireless alarm keypad does not get addressed the same way. Instead, as a bi-directional wireless keypad, the 5828V must be programmed with a House ID code that matches the House ID set within the alarm control panel.

Refer to the installation guide of the alarm control panel used with your 5828V alarm keypad to find out how to program a (2) digit House ID code. The House ID is a unique code that keeps your system from being able to be controlled by someone else's bi-directional wireless alarm device. Once the House ID code is set within your alarm control panel, you must enter a matching House ID code within the programming of the Honeywell 5828V. To enter programming mode on the wireless alarm keypad, press and hold the [1] and [3] keys for (5) seconds or until the keypad alternates between '00' and '--'. Once the display is alternating, press the [1] key and enter a (2) digit House ID code. You can choose any code between (01) and (31). Press the [*] key after you have selected your (2) digit House ID code and press the [*] key again to exit the programming mode.

If your Honeywell 5828V alarm keypad is not powered by a K0991 AC power adapter, you will need to press the [*] key again after exiting programming to bring up the active display.

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Yes. The 5828V will voice annunciate your descriptors if you enable field 4 in program mode. Press and hold 1 and 3 simultaneously for 5 seconds. Then press 4 followed by 1 then * (star). Then hit * (star) again to exit programming mode. Check out our FAQ: Also you can toggle chime mode by entering your master code followed by 9.
Can I program the Ademco 5828V, zone descriptors, to announce the same as the Lynx Touch? For example, when a window is open the Lynx Touch will tell me what window is open.

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