How do I reset the installer code on a Honeywell L5200?

The default installer code is 4112 for the Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch wireless alarm system. This code will allow you to get into programming and allow you to make changes to zones, communicator settings, etc. You can get into programming by pressing the following sequence of icons on the L5200 touchscreen: Security + More + Tools + Installer Code.

If you have your installer code then simply enter programming and click: Program + Installer Code. Then you can clear the current entry and change it to a new one. Make sure to click 'Done' before backing out. Test the new installer code by going into Tools and attempting to enter programming after you change the code.

If you do not have your installer code and/or you are locked out of programming you will need to use the "back door." Follow these step by step instructions:

1. First, Reboot the panel (Tools > Master Code > Test >Reboot).

2. Press and HOLD the Home button (House icon) beneath the touch screen as soon as you see the white screen during reboot.

3. Release the Home button when you see ‘Ready to Arm’ on a green bar across the screen.

4. Press and release ‘Security’ on the touchscreen.

5. Press and release ‘Arm Stay’ on the touchscreen.

6. A number pad will pop up. Enter ‘Clear’ followed by ‘00’.

7. Then press the program button and enter back into programming.

8. Document your installer code now! This is a good time to confirm your installer code and document it somewhere safe...

** You must say ‘Yes’ to allowing the installer to re-enter programming every time you are prompted while exiting programming. If you say 'No' you will be locked out and be forced to repeat the steps above. **

It is good to note that the installer code can not enter programming while the system is armed and is unable to disarm the system when it was armed by another code. Therefore leaving the installer code on default does not impose a security risk. The master code however should always be changed from its default - 1234.

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