How Do I Reset Installer Code On A Honeywell L7000?

To change the code on the Honeywell’s Lynx Touch L7000 a user must first enter system programming. If the current installer code is known, the process is very simple. If the current Installer Code is unknown, or if the Installer has been excluded from programming, follow these steps:

Note: If you know the existing Installer Code, choose Security > More > Tools > Enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program then follow steps 7 - 9 below.

1. Power cycle the system. If you have the Master Code, you can do this by pressing Security > More > Tools > Master Code > Test > Reboot. If you do not have the Master Code, you'll need to unplug both the battery and the AC Transformer. When powering back up, plug in the battery first, then the transformer.

2. Press the Home Key. Press and hold the home key as soon as you see the panel begin to boot up. You'll see "System Standby" for a minute or more then "Ready to Arm". Release the Home button once you see "Ready to Arm".

3. Press Security. Select the “Security” icon

4. Select “Arm Stay”.

5. Press the “Clear” key followed by 00.

6. Enter Program. Press "Program" and you will enter Installer programming

7. Change the Installer Code. Once you've entered programming, select the “Installer Code” programming option. The existing installer code will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Select the “Clear” button and enter a new four digit installer code on the displayed keypad. The system will then display the new code on the left side of the screen.

8. Save and Exit Programming. Select “Done” to save and the system returns to the system programming screen.

9. Reset Master Code, if needed. If you need to reset the Master Code, press the down arrow, then select "Reset Master Code". This will set the Master Code back to the default of 1234. You can then change it. Press the back arrow in the upper right to return to the home screen. When prompted to "Allow Installer to Re-enter program?" be sure to select "Yes".

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